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Surf the Wake of Hurricane Sandy on a Longboard

written by TeamBustin November 2, 2012


It is crazy right now in New York! The Subways aren’t going into Brooklyn. There’s no power in Lower East Side. There’s no gasoline on this island or any of the surrounding areas. Cabs won’t even drive over the bridge into Brooklyn. People are walking over the Williamsburg Bridge by the thousands just to charge up their phones and get a hot meal. It sure makes me glad I ride a skateboard! They say the power is coming back on by between Saturday and Monday. Luckily most of us live outside of the power outage zone, but travel would be difficult if it weren’t for our wheels. We aren’t phased. We’re moving forward. If you aren’t one of the many readers already on a skateboard, well, this is just one more reason why you’re missing out.

We still got lots of good fall skating fun to be had. Winter is coming our way, but a little inclimate weather won’t be stopping us from enjoying our skate. In the rain, on a train, here or there and everywhere. I don’t care what anyone says. Push culture fo lyfe!

Oh, and by the way, have you seen Will Royce shred Peru? This dude will straight up shred anything. I love raw runs, because the guy only gets one chance to show you what he’s made of. Will Royce is made of diamonds.


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