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Wheelbase Mag Presents “Skate For Lyfe Slide Jam” Video – Bustin Longboards NYC

Shred Love to the boys and girls at Wheelbase Online Skate Mag!  Take a few minutes, sit back and get lost in NYC skate-culture packed into this video gem produced by the Cali Crew.

Wheelbase Online Skate Mag


The Evolution of Skateboarding with Perropro + Bustin Boards

I’ll never forget the morning Bruno Sirera Sorondo skated into the Bustin Brooklyn shop, walked right up to the nearest computer, said something in Spanish then motioned for us to walk over and watch his videos.  We get a lot of “watch my video” requests and I casually strolled over to check out his footy.  I had just returned from Vancouver, BC and knew exactly what we were looking for to build a team in 2010.  Bruno’s video was FIRE!  Bruno was excited about Bustin Boards and wanted to be on the team.  I asked him to show me some skating on Grand Street in front of the shop and he killed it, again.  Needless to say, it isn’t everyday you come across a talented, creative skater like Bruno, Toti, Alberto and the whole PerroPro gang.  We couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out!


The Bustin Boards ‘Mekanik’ with Jeff Vyain – Bustin Longboards NYC

The Mekanik is the little brother of the Ratmobile race deck. It is built off of the same progressive radial concave as the Ratmobile with the same quarter-inch rockered platform, but with an even wider range of wheelbase options, especially on the short end. The Mekanik will be the deck of choice for top mount riders who want to stick tight corners, freeriders who prefer shorter wheelbases, garage bombers, riders with smaller stances, and women downhillers.