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The feature feature – DomebleU

Concave.  Thats what it very frequently comes down to.  Who knew that the part of your body that gets stepped on all day long, could be the most sensitive, the most in tune to slight changes in what they feel.  Whether you’re slamming on the rail into a pre-drift, sticking your toe into the pocket to grip a turn, or hoping and praying your feet don’t move while you bust that 100 ft slide; concave matters.

Something that we’re particularly proud of this past fall and going into the 2014 is our new, innovative, DomebleU concave.  We took the idea of traditional w-concave; the goal being to provide arch support and locational reference on your board, and took a new look at it.  More often than not we found that other w-cave tends to cramp the foot when you stand directly over it, which is no good for mild riding, cruising, or anything for that matter.  While it does give your foot plenty of reference in tuck or freeride stance, if you’re not using it, it feels uncomfortable.

What we did to address this is to maintain roughly the same height as traditional w-cave but over a broader footprint.  Meaning that the shape of the W goes almost to the rail while being incorporated into the rest of the concave.  This gives you all the benefit of W concave, without any of the discomfort in your feet.  Check it!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.33.47 AM

Sexy DombleU in the BGDK

Alright kids, thats all for now!  Let us know if theres a particular board feature you’d like to see featured and I’ll see you next week!



Holiday Must-Haves – Bustin Longboards NYC

What with deadlines approaching for holiday shipping (this Saturday 12/21 is THE deadline for getting a deck shipped in the US in time), we figured this would be a great opportunity to talk about some of the latest tasty treats from the Bustin workshop (we’re like, next door to Santa, sometimes the elves come over to hit the ramp, it’s awesome).  Whether you need ideas for a skater on your gift list, or you’ve got some holiday cash to spend on yourself, these are the most recent releases from the Bustin Labs!


First and foremost, is the extraordinarily limited holiday release of the Ratarang deck.  We only made 100 for this run and we’ve got like, 10 left so they may be sold out by the time this blog drops (I hope not, go run and check!)  This beast was made from the brain waves of a couple of our team riders.  Will Royce got us thinking about a double sided Ratmobile, and when Dave Aparicio started riding his Ratmobile backwards, we got hooked on the idea.  We wanted something uniquely new and different from the original Rat, so we retouched the concave (steeper is steezier), added some elliptical w (ya’ll been eating it up on the 2013 Ibach), and threw in some subtle wheel flares (what wheel bite?).  End result, freeride / downhill madness.


Take it back a couple of weeks to the re-release of the biggest DK that matters, the BGDK.  We asked what you thought about this large piece of wood, and the general response was that it was too large to be enjoyable.  So we listened!  We took off a little of the length (.5″) and a touch out of the girth (.375″) to make it easier and more enjoyable to ride.  These modifications make the BGDK easier to pop and trick, while the sharp rails maintain a steep, DH / Freeride concave.


Last on today’s list of new new to check out for the holiday season is our latest wheel offerings, the Five-0 Sniper series.  We took the well-loved urethane from our wildly popular Five-0 wheel, and put it into a slightly off-set, square lipped shape.  The result is a wheel that slides as buttery smooth as the original Five-0‘s with a little more grip at speed and a LOT more life to them!  The wide contact patch gives these wheels a much slower wear pattern than their round lipped counter parts, which still dumping the same amount of consistent thane that you’ve come to expect from Bustin Five-0 wheels.


Last series I’ll touch upon today is a re-envisioning of our past, our history, our Bustin Culture.  We started Bustin Boards with the idea that longboarding should be for everyone who wants to!  And while we’ve tried to keep up with the competitive portion of the industry (talk about fast growth!) we also like to return to our roots from time to time.  This is what inspired our 2013 cruiser / camber line-up.  We brought back the Cigar in 2 new sizes and added the new Mission deck.  All equipped with a more balanced camber in order to give a ton of life and spring in the board’s step.  If you’re looking for a tight, springy cruiser to slash around campus, check out the 31″, for board-walking down to the beach, the 38″ and the new, drop-through Mission deck are where it’s at!

Thanks for joining me!


Winter Wonderland – Dealing with Snow

It’s that time of year again.  The temperature has dropped, the roads have iced, and while you were waiting for them to melt, they got salted (DAMN YOU INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT!)  As any skater can tell you, the winter can be the hardest time of year for a die hard.  The cold inhibits skating and makes falling all the worse, and if you do get a day when it’s bearable out, chances are your roads are shot.

We thought we’d sit down and talk about one or two or a few ways to pass the time in the winter, and to learn to coexist with ALL the seasons.  Winter is cold, but it doesn’t have to be miserable!


Will Royce shows that a little snow can’t stop him – Photo Credit: Rob Rodrigues

The easiest solution is to do what it takes to ignore the weather.  Sounds stupid simple?  That’s because it is.  The benefits: you can skate, now go skate.  Also, the slight added sketchiness that a little adverse terrain adds can make a skate session or spot all the more fun!  The negatives: you can only bundle so much before you start losing mobility and skating can get dangerous, plus falling on freezing pavement will always hurt, no matter how many sweaters you’re wearing.

Sam Ettore layers a parka over his leathers for a fantastic late fall look - Photo Credit: Sean Riley

Sam Ettore layers a parka over his leathers for a fantastic late fall look – Photo Credit: Sean Riley

Not only can you bundle up for the outside frost, there’s always the option of staying indoors.  Now I’m not suggesting vegetating in front of the TV for 5 months like some video game playing bear.  Buuuuuut, a parking garage has a roof!  And is therefor inside, and more than likely safe from the elements.  Head down to your nearest mall or other large, multi-level car park (we recommend in the evening when most of the cars and concerned security guards have left).  Just keep in mind to be respectful if you are asked to leave, but until then, shred on!  Winter can’t hold us down!

Many people attest that the origins of skateboarding lie in surfers who wanted to carve waves when the waves just weren’t there.  So to keep up in the off-season (off-days?) they put wheels on wood and would carve the streets.  Another solution to the winter blues is to take a page from those bro’s book and find an off-season hobby or sport.  It can get expensive but for those who have the means, if you’re a skater who hasn’t stepped foot on a snowboard, you need to change that.  Hitting the slopes on a board or on ski’s can be a fantastic way to get that speed thrill that so many downhill skaters crave!

Bustin shipping and paint crew getting down on the snow

Bustin shipping and paint crew getting down on the snow

The point is that Winter doesn’t have to be the death of your social life every year.  Winter gives us the opportunity to try new things, to get in touch with other friends and family, and to pursue our other hobbies.  I touched base with Khaleeq of Khaleeq Photography (you’ve seen his photo’s in Skate Slate, Concrete Wave, as well as all over our Facebook and Instagram!) about his experience skating and shooting in the winter.  Here’s his two cents…

“The best part about shooting during winter is when you’ve finished shooting and are in a warm place. Despite the cold, winter is one of prettiest times to shoot. The snow can either help a photo look gnarly and harsh or graceful and soft. Personally, soft and graceful for sure. Hardest part about shooting in the winter is standing in the freezing cold, toes numb, fingers unmovable, and face frozen. But if all works out, you get that perfect shot that makes it all worth it.  Winter gives the skater a unique opportunity to play with their surroundings. Sliding through snow always looks sick! Compared to summer where all there is is just the road and maybe a few leafs. Not every one is use to seeing a sick snow photo, so shoot”

And last but not least, if you just can’t get past the bitter cold, feel free to settle in, talk to your family (I’m sure they’ve missed you out on the hill!) and maybe see a movie!  I hear Ben Stiller has a new flic this winter?

Is that a Boombox...?

Is that a Boombox…?

Thanks for tuning in!


The Bustin Boards BGDK is BACK!

Hey kids and kats!  I know you’ve been waiting, and waiting, and bugging mom, and calling us to see if they’re back yet, and now they are!  We’ve just got a whole shipment of these bad boys in blue back in the warehouse and they’ve been to the stylist while they were away!

Not only is the BGDK back in stock, it’s now lighter and slimmer than ever.  We heard that our BGDK was too BG for ya’ll, so we decided to take down just a notch in order to make it more playful and maneuverable.  Although we did maintained the sharp edge to provide maximum grip out of the concave and rail.  The overall change is a half inch out of the length and a quarter inch out of the girth of the deck, making this wood easier to push as well!  More pop, more height, less weight, more fun!

In case anyone wants a closer look, here’s a shot of the newer, not-quite-as BGDK on top of the older BGDK for a good idea of whats different!  The difference is subtle to the eye, but very noticeable to the feet.

photo (7)

Now, get your parents credit card and buy it!  (please get their permission first though)


Wheelbase Magazine reviews the BGDK – Bustin Blog

Big shout out to Marcus, Seth and Tom over at Wheelbase Mag for taking the time to get to know our BGDK and for producing this well created, well thought out review!  We sent them over one of these bad-boys to be put through the paces in Cali, and they, as always, did not disappoint!  The guys over on the other coast did a great job of hitting different types of terrain to let the board shine, and also were not afraid to point out what could be done better (no project is ever finished!)

Unfortunately we are currently sold out of the BGDK online, HOWEVER, without giving too much away, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve taken your thoughts and comments to heart, and come next week, should have some fresh, improved, lighter BGDK’s landing in the warehouse, keep you eyes peeled!

Cheers and enjoy the ride,