Grand Rapids ‘Movies in the Park’ Series to include Open Skate and Transition DEMO, July 24th

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GR Movies in the Park Series featuring, “Hook” on Facebook:

Afterparty is at Pyramid Scheme because our boy Pete Croce will be slamming the hits, join the event on Facebook for the gritty:

The details: Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc was a partnered title sponsor of State Games of Michigan: Grand Rapids Urban Downhill Skateboarding event and now DGRI has included Bustin Boards & AGA Nation Action Sports Agency in DGRI’s Movies in the Park format downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Every Friday in the heart of summer, DGRI plays a series of curated movies on an inflatable jumbo-screen on the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum lawn, next to the Grand River.  The event has a beer/wine permit allowing guests to enjoy beer & wine while hanging out in  Ah-Nab-Awen Park.  There are food vendors, entertainment and the movie begins at dusk.  This week features the movie “Hook”, and AGA Nation will provide a bunch of skate ramps and features for a pro skate demo, followed by free-skate.  Bustin will also have a special push event announcement, coming soon…

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Skater Dater (1965)

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There comes a times in every boy and girl’s life when attraction to the same and/or opposite sex overcomes passion for hobbies.  The first film ever produced about skateboarding, Skaterdater (1965), tells a story with no dialogue.

A group of boy skaters are suddenly at a point when one of the boys sees a young girl, and becomes interested in her. This causes a rift with the other boys, who challenges him to a skating duel that goes down a hilly street.

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White Pine Trail Distance Skateboarding – Grand Rapids, MI

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Screenshot 2015-07-14 18.31.45

Michigan longboarding roots are dense in distance skateboarding.  Commuting point A to B is part of everyone’s life, and it feels good on on a skateboard.  Only the past 30 years or so the majority of Americans have invested a major chunk of their savings into automobiles, and bikes- to commute point A to B.  Automotives are rad!  Bikes are pretty cool too.  But, you can’t drive an automotive on a State-Trail networks.

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