Sportster: Beat of the Street

Sportster: Beat of the Street

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There is a palpable energy that can be felt in the streets of The City that pulses to a rhythm unlike anywhere else in the entire world. The residents of this mega metropolis all attempt to match this beat in their own various ways, but to those who have ever jammed down these city blocks while dipping and dodging through PED barrels and all the other mobile obstacles whilst atop a skateboards know that this is the key to true harmony with the streets. Our local crew who calls The Big Apple home has adopted this lifestyle full on and rarely will be seen braving the urban jungle without their shred sled. Through this dedicated to the Push Life, a desire to craft and create the best possible tool for the job of commute killing began to burn within the #BustinFam which ultimately was the fuel that gave birth to our signature Push Series Collection. Within that series, the Sportster holds a special place in many of our riders hearts due to its agility and versatility when out riding anything from a simple morning coffee run all the way to a mobbing Broadway rip at rush hour. We recently were able to document our dudes Dave, Leon, and Victor on just such a mission with each of them harmonizing to the beat of the street using the Sportster as their instrument.

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The Bamboo-X Sportster // Redefining Comfort

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In 2012 the Sportster hit the market to meet the demand for a super low push deck that offered a freeride friendly approach.  We had just revolutionized our push ethos with the release of the Maestro board the year before, and were looking to continue the legacy of NY Push Culture.  The Sportster was originally our no-frills, no-nonsense, performance ONLY push board.  We were immediately astounded by the reception!  Rave reviews and dozens of riders swearing by the deck got us paying attention to some of the critical insights.  The two main comments were: A) we made it too big, and B) It could use a touch flex for comfort.  So over the course of 4 years of tweaking and developing, we landed on our current model: a shrunk-down, bamboo-ified version built to skate.  Mild flex and a compact platform makes it an extraordinarily nimble pusher that feels GOOD to ride, while the Radial-Dropped-Rockered shape locks feet comfortably into place for pushing out those slides.


The drop-through design combined with our RDR mold (radial drops and rocker throughout the standing platform) give this deck a low down, high response, super controlled ride unlike any other board. The mild dampening flex provided by the combination of Bamboo and Maple, in addition to the slightly rockered shape and hip notches make this deck comfortable on smooth or rough terrain and the forked nose design allow it to pack a huge engine into a tight 33” frame while still maintaining a stable wheelbase.


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White Pine Trail Distance Skateboarding – Grand Rapids, MI

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Screenshot 2015-07-14 18.31.45

Michigan longboarding roots are dense in distance skateboarding.  Commuting point A to B is part of everyone’s life, and it feels good on on a skateboard.  Only the past 30 years or so the majority of Americans have invested a major chunk of their savings into automobiles, and bikes- to commute point A to B.  Automotives are rad!  Bikes are pretty cool too.  But, you can’t drive an automotive on a State-Trail networks.

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Team Bustin “For All Who Push” Tour: Sun and Snow Sports – Plymouth, MI

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Sun and Snow – Plymouth on Facebook!

Bustin Boards “For All Who Push” tour is at Black Squrl in Wisconsin today, Cal-Surf in Minnesota tomorrow then on the road south to Burning Spider Stoke Company in Missouri on Friday.  The tour is pretty wild, we get to skate with a bunch of new rad people at every stop and learn a bunch of new terrain.  Everybody on the FAWP tour has different skate background and style that really helps the tour get weird.  The best part of the tour is everybody throws down.  From you who is reading this to your Mom – everybody that we meet is pretty amped up about the tour when we roll through.  I think it’s because our crew is a bunch of genuinely nice people who love to skate.  We represent 4 countries and even Alaska <Bill Rice.

There is no RIGHT way of skateboarding in our crew, The Bustin crew is all about creating a challenge and overcoming it in all aspects of skating.  We’ll find a spot and one of us will slay it while the rest of us play around until we figure out how to have fun on it.  That’s skateboarding.  Everything we skate (almost) is man-made (except grass runs, etc), so when we overcome challenging terrain – everybody gets rad.  It’s simple, its skateboarding.  Somehow, we were lucky enough to afford to send a pack of our friendly wolves into my country – the Midwest.  A Land that the bi-coasters don’t understand, the simple life.

Sun and Snow Sports is a rad Action Sports Shop in Plymouth, Michigan.  Team Bustin planned a visit in June and kicked it with the locals for the day.  Our team even had the chance to get some ZZZ’s with one of the employees – which is just the icing on the cake!  We’re blessed to work with such good people.  I hope you enjoy the video above – send to me by the guys at Sun and Snow.  We appreciate it guys!  World:  Enjoy Summer footage in Michigan.

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Jayden Mitchell takes 3rd at the Killington Downhill Throwdown 2k15

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Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 1.56.11 PM

Last weekend saw one of the fastest races on the East Coast go down.  The Killington Downhill Throwdown, presented by Restless Longboards, is an annual race that is celebrating it’s first year as part of the IDF circuit this year as on of the World Qualifying Series races.  3 days of racing down a 60+ mph course attracts some of the biggest names in the Downhill bracket, and among all the top racers, our boy Jayden held it down all weekend and walked away with the 3rd place spot.  Congratulations Jayden!  Scroll down to find a full list of results and some stellar pics snapped this weekend.

Open Division Podium - Will Royce with the snap - nice use of framing Will!

Open Division Podium – Will Royce with the snap – nice use of framing Will!

Open Div
1) Thiago Gomes Lessa
2) Zak Maytum
3) Jayden Mitchell

Photo Cred - IDFracing

Photo Cred – IDFracing

Women’s Div
1) Emily Pross
2) Cassanda Duchesne
3) Spoky Woky

Toti's got leathers ya'll, watch out! - Pic by Will Royce

Toti’s got leathers ya’ll, watch out! – Pic by Will Royce

Will Royce made the front page of the local paper!

Will Royce made the front page of the local paper!


And for some additional fun media – here are some videos from Jayden over the years!

2013 – Welcome to the Team!

2013 – Raw Run

2014 – Jayden Shreds the Ratmobile

2014 – Hectic Raw Run with buddy Leigh Griffiths

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