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Jonas Richter and Friends Do Teutonia – Bustin Longboards NYC

Loja Top Skate Employee and Bustin Boards Team Rider Jonas Richter gathered some buddies and did an incredibly tight pack run on the world’s fastest DH longboard/skateboard race track, Teutonia.  70mph +


Aidan Lynds and Jonas Richter go HAM – Bustin Longboards NYC

The Bustin Brazilian Bullet Jonas Richter skates hard as a mother trucker in this video filmed in British Columbia.  Jonas did some traveling in 2012 and will be a major threat in 2013.  watch out!  Bustin Longboards NYC.

On another note, Jonas did some extreme Bustin Team traveling with team mate William Royce this summer and will be traveling South America with Jonas for the South America DH tour this Fall.  Will earned 1st qualifier position at Festival de la Bajada in Colombia this weekend!  BUSTIN!


Skateboards & Drift Trikes Maryhill Freeride Fall 2012 with Royce – Bustin Boards NYC

Bustin Will Royce is a talented dude.  He rips the Skateboard, he shreds the Drift Trike and he is super fast on a Longboard.  Oh yeah, Will also edits sick videos!  Check out this latest video edit of Drift Trikes at the Maryhill Fall Freeride 2012.  get it in.


The Bustin Boards ‘Mekanik’ with Jeff Vyain – Bustin Longboards NYC

The Mekanik is the little brother of the Ratmobile race deck. It is built off of the same progressive radial concave as the Ratmobile with the same quarter-inch rockered platform, but with an even wider range of wheelbase options, especially on the short end. The Mekanik will be the deck of choice for top mount riders who want to stick tight corners, freeriders who prefer shorter wheelbases, garage bombers, riders with smaller stances, and women downhillers.