Chicago Push Races present THE HUNT

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CPR - The Hunt


Chicago Push Races are back with another season of events for all you mid-western types!  First up is their event “The Hunt“, a longboard-centric scavenger hunt.  So more info provided by the marvelous Krystle Ramos below!

1. Check in & register with Krystle starting at 11am. She will:
a. Ask if you are posting to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Whichever you choose is the only place judges will look for your team’s photos to award points.
b. Take your team’s photo.
c. Post your team’s photo to THE HUNT’s Social Media pages.

2. Wait patiently for all teams to register. And for the group photo.

3. Be a good sport, be respectful to the city, people, business, buildings, structures, everything & everyone. Please.

4. Obey the law, follow bike lanes when possible, and remember, the city won’t stop for you.

5. Don’t cause any harm to yourself, others, or property.

6. You are responsible for your own safety.

7. We will meet at Wilson Skate Park at 4:30pm for Podium.

Your team will only be awarded points for their photos if they are posted to the Social Media page you choose during registration AND they are captioned like so: ‪#‎teamname‬ ‪#‎preyitem‬ ‪#‎chiprhunt2015‬. This is format that will be used in the captions of your team photos.

Judges will stop awarding points AT 3:45 PM. We suggest posting as you go. Procrastination does not win this event.

Judges will post your points awarded for photos posted as comments to the photo.”

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Madness in the Mitten Distance Skate & Skids Jam – Saturday, April 25 2015

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The legendary Midwest push race and slide jam is back! Action Board Shop and Go Green Longboarding are proud to present Madness in the Mitten 2015. It will happen April 25th. The push race will take place on the Lansing River Trail, which features brand new pavement on some parts, chunder, bridges, and pedestrians on others – all of which make this race a truly unique and challenging event. The course is approx. 4.5 miles long, so even if you don’t plan on racing to win, come cruise the course with us for a scenic skate, lots of people do. There will be cash prizes for the top 3 finishers, and the top 10 will receive product prizes. There will also be a raffle for all of those who participated. We have numerous sponsors lined up – Bustin has been a supporter of madness and the Michigan longboard scene since 2008.  Watch Bustin Mike D push way out front at the beginning of this movie (Madness 2) , riding one of the first Maestro prototypes in 2009

The slide jam will take place on a hill just outside of East Lansing. We may set up a kicker ramp, cones, who knows. The location will be announced closer to the event date. Prizes will be awarded for best trick, longest slide, most style, etc. Note: most of the product prizes will be given out at the push race. Some prizes will be held for the slide jam, but even if you don’t want to race, we encourage you to sign up for the push, cruise the course with us and have fun, and then you’ll also be entered to win raffle prizes after the race.

The push race and slide jam are open to riders of all skill levels and ages. At check in, all riders are required to sign a waiver. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign for you.

Registration is $10. Cash only, pay at check in.

Tentative Schedule:
10:00am – Rider Check In at Ranney Skate Park in Lansing, MI
11:15am – Small Push to Starting Point
11:30am – Race Begins
12:30pm – Awards at Ranney
2:30pm – Slide Jam


Madness in the Mitten on Facebook:

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Bruno the Pro

Bruno the Pro

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Bruno the Kid has been killing the game for years now – he first joined our ranks skating the Maestro Mini and his freeriding style led him to first the Robot, and then the Boombox.  By then it was clear that Bruno’s style and skill warranted a pro-model deck catered just to him.  The first iteration of the Bruno Pro was a large double kicked board – the Yoface 39.  Since then as his skating technique has continued to develop into a faster, snappier style his prototypes have gotten smaller and more reminiscent of classic pool shapes.

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NCDH – Downhill Skateboard Race at Mt. Jefferson

NCDH – Downhill Skateboard Race at Mt. Jefferson

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Beast coast riders will be heading south this weekend to confederate territory to hit up the first sanctioned DH race in North Carolina.  Mt Jefferson, where the race will be held, is a gnarly course not for the faint of heart.

There are still a few slots open at the time of this writing – so if you’ve got the gaul – put your money where your mouth is and get yourself registered.


From NCDH –

The NC mountains are about to host its first organized downhill skateboard race at Mt Jefferson State Natural area in West Jefferson, North Carolina. The event will be held on April 18th & 19th, 2015 with a practice day and skatepark competition on Saturday and the Downhill Race on Sunday. Food and refreshments will be available on Race day for racers and spectators as well as camping conveniently located near the course.

The track is a two mile long, closed road with pristine pavement, steep straights, meanering chicanes, and tight sweepers that will challenge riders at speeds in excess of 50mph. With registration riders will receive a swag bag which includes an event shirt.

The top three racers will be rewarded with a $1000 purse. Helmet, gloves and leathers will be required to race. A shuttle system will be used shuttling from the parking lot at the old Lowe’s Food for all participants, volunteers, spectator and park visitors for the day.

Handicap parking will be available in the park for those with disabilities. For inquiries, contact us at

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Local Longboards Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Local Longboards Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

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Local Longboards Mannequin Local Longboards

Local Longboards
659 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 800-5039

Local Longboards opened their doors in St Petersburg just one year ago last week but they’ve quickly put themselves on the map as the go-to spot for longboard gear and Bustin Boards on the Gulf Coast.

Owners Travis Hise and Jon Stine started the shop on Central Ave in downtown St. Pete to showcase their own line of handmade longboards made from reclaimed wood but they’ve they have grown into a full-service skateshop, carrying an ever-evolving assortment of longboard and skateboard products for skaters of all types.  Their shop is a work of artistic craftsmanship with custom-built wood fixtures, funky displays and tons and tons of skateboards.  Travis says that customers from all over Florida travel to their shop for the largest selection in the region and to check out the products first-hand—there’s still nothing quite like getting into a store and feeling a board in your hands before you buy it.

Local is a full-service Bustin dealer with one of the best assortments of Bustin on the east coast, with something for every style of skating from mini-cruisers to freeride boards.  So, if you’re in the area stop by to say what’s up to Travis and the crew at Local.  They’ve got the 2015 lineup in stock, including the Shrike and the full new Fire & Water NY Surf Series.

Congrats guys on one great year in the books and we wish you many more to come!  Local Longboards is true to their name—now go support your local shop today, whoever that is.  And if you don’t see Bustin there, tell them that you want to see it there soon!

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