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Merry Christmas | 10% Off + Free 2-Day Shipping

Holiday season is as busy as it gets. With all of the hustle, Christmas shopping is usually the last thing on your list (if you’re like us!).

Don’t worry procrastinators, we’ve got your back! Starting now we’re offering Free 2-Day shipping to ensure your orders will be on your doorstep for some Christmas Eve gift wrapping (go easy on the eggnog). Here’s your last chance! Feel free to use the code “BUSTINFAMILY” in the coupon code on the checkout screen of our site.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!


Gift Packs | The Choice Is Easy

A week before Christmas Eve, and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t done any shopping yet. They say you always find the best deals right before Christmas, so we thought, ‘Why not make it easy for all the shoppers like us?’. Gift Packs are the ticket to easy last minute shopping!

Because winter doesn’t stop us from skating! We made this pack to keep you warm on the hill or in the park in these December days. Afterall, concrete is colder than ever right now.
Included are a New York Skate Everything hoodie, a long sleeve tee with the Rasta Crest (our most popular) graphic, a Bustin beanie and fresh sticker pack. These are normally $140 but right now we’re dropping the price to $100.

Organic is the name of the game. Our organic apparel line was designed to be healthy for you, healthy for the environment, and fully customizable! Included are 5 tees with our most popular graphics! (Skate Everything, Boombox, Capital, No Sleep, Rasta Crest, a Bustin Beanie, and all the stickers you can fit on the neighbor’s bumper).

Going through wheels is the bane of every skater. We designed the Mixed Thane packs to give you a deal and stock your quiver with thane for every situation. The small pack was designed for those who like 70mm wheels and under. (64mm 85a Five-Os, 70mm Five-O Snipers, and 70mm 78a Swifts).

The big brother of the smaller Mixed Thane pack, for those who like they’re wheels on the bigger end of the spectrum. (72mm 80a sideset Five-Os, 70mm Five-O Snipers, and 70mm 82a Swifts).

The necessities of any skater. This pack will stoke out anyone who is lucky enough to fill out their stocking! (Bustin Skate Tool, Bustin beanie, Skanunu bearing lube, Bustin sticker pack).

For the more serious shredder and those with bigger stockings. (Bustin Skate Tool, Bustin beanie, Skanunu bearing lube, Bustin sticker pack, 12″ Vinyl decal, Bustin Abec 9 bearings).

Premium package for your premium friends and family. This gift pack will have you running to the hill in your Christmas PJs. (Bustin Skate Tool, Bustin Beanie, Skanunu bearing lube, Bustin sticker pack, 12″ vinyl decal, and premium Loaded Slide Gloves!)

7 days left! Hopefully you’re not procrastinating as much as I am!


Bustin Spotlight: Ashlee Kristin Photography



Action Sports photographers are your best friend, your static extension, your personal GoPro ready to capture the moment.  All you have to do is something sweet, the photog will make you look cool with their lens.    Sometimes you see ‘em, sometimes you don’t.  At longboard events they’re lurking in the bushes, or right in your face with the flash blasting.  Either way – we depend on these soldiers to get in there and capture the goods.  Thank you photographers for your service!


Photographers can go on tour!  There are plenty longboard skateboard events these days for a photog to really get to know the skaters, and to add depth to their work.  Each rider has strengths & style of their own.   Slide Jam, Push Race, Boarder Cross, Downhill, Slalom, Street, Park, team shoot, brand ad – you name it.  Pick your favorite sessions and get to know the riders, we salute you for that!


Ashlee Brown figured it out, and has gained a lot of experience shooting long board skate events professionally, as Ashlee Kristin Photography.  Here are a few shots from Downhill Skateboard events in Michigan this summer.


I started doing photography because it allowed me to capture special moments, use my creativity and view the world in a way that others may not normally see. It really makes you appreciate the little things in life and that’s why I love it.

I picked up my first longboard six years ago and couldn’t get enough. I honestly had no idea there was such an awesome scene for it in Michigan and I got to witness that when I was asked to photograph my first longboard event in 2013.
I’ve been so fortunate to meet some of the coolest and most talented people through longboarding and have made some of the best friends I could ask for. I have mad respect for these guys and ladies because I get to witness their passion firsthand and it’s always incredibly inspiring.

As a local photographer, I also shoot a lot of weddings, seniors, families, etc… But nothing beats hanging out at a race event all day with my “skate family” and snapping photos of my friends doing what they love.” -Ashlee


Look for Ashlee’s camera at events around West Michigan this winter and follow 2015 skate season events via facebook, Ashlee Kristen Photography.


French Alps Vacation with Jonas Richter

Jonas Richter – The French Alps – One of the greatest roads in the world. What more could you ask for?

Try to keep up as Jonas launches his way through this intense run, originally 23 MINUTES LONG, we pared this edit down to 3 minutes of schralpin’ in the mountains. Don’t be surprised if this road shows up in your dreams the next few nights.

Jonas rocks the Bustin Ratmobile, Aera trucks, and Faceskate wheels for this run. Thanks to our homies at Salsito House for the footage and Jose Deichman for the edit!


Bustin Brooklyn – New Location NOW OPEN

Bustin Brooklyn has moved! Come visit us at 154 Grand Street in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The store is NOW open 7 days a week, 11AM-7PM.

Same rad boards, same rad service, same high fives and good vibes wrapped up in a fresh new storefront.

Follow Bustin Brooklyn on Instagram and keep an eye on our Facebook for more info in the community!