Bikes, Boards and Beach Series: July 31 – August 1 in Racine, WI

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AGA Nation Bikes, Boards & Beach Series – Racine:

Bustin partnered up with AGA nation Action Sports Agency to bring you the Bikes, Boards and Beach Series Distance Skateboard Race in Racine, Wisconsin July 31- August 1 2015.  The event is hosted on the beautiful sandy beaches of Racine, along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  The push competition is a 3 mile short-course sprint on the Lake Michigan Pathway adjacent to the beach.  Will add more classes depending on participation, but podium winners of the sprint win the prizes.

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Bustin Shop of the Week: Burning Spider Stoke Company – Kansas City, Missouri

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Before Burning Spider Stokle Company was a shop, we founded a group on Facebook to service the local community.  At the time we called it Burning Spider, but as more riders where found out about the group we wanted to make it easier for locals to find, so we changed the name to Kansas City Longboard Community.  Now at 700+ riders it is a pretty rad place to talk skateboards and keep as many of the locals informed of what is going on.  Kansas City itself covers a huge 316 Square mile area with skating varying from skateparks, to short steep technical .25 mile to 1 mile long downhill runs right in the middle of the city, to nature trails like the Indian Creek Trail that stretches 25.5 miles currently (more gets added on every year), and is host to many group distance pushes.

ourside shop

As the community solidified and grew we needed a place to get our longboard equipment.  None of the local shops carried the depth of product and knowledge that a varied terrain city needed.  We had a couple of corporate stores, and a dedicated street skate shop that wasn’t super stoked on ordering longboard gear.  So we have moved to a store front right in the heart of one of the raddest places in city to skate and live.  Located in the heart of the 39th Street District we are Kansas City’s Longboard Headquarters.

shop panno

Our riders organize sessions in the community and there is very seldom a Sunday that doesn’t go by that we aren’t hosting some kind of event or group ride.

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Michigan’s Oldest Push Race – Madness in the Mitten Recap

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Last weekend, Annah and I woke up early and drove to Lansing, Michigan for the annual Madness in the Mitten Push race, presented by Action Board Shop and Go Green Longboarding.  Madness is rooted deep in Michigan longboard history, it was the first longboard push race to be hosted in the Midwest in 2008.  Since, the push has attracted an abundance of skaters from around Michigan and the midwest.

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