Bikes, Boards and Beach Series: July 31 – August 1 in Racine, WI

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AGA Nation Bikes, Boards & Beach Series – Racine:

Bustin partnered up with AGA nation Action Sports Agency to bring you the Bikes, Boards and Beach Series Distance Skateboard Race in Racine, Wisconsin July 31- August 1 2015.  The event is hosted on the beautiful sandy beaches of Racine, along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  The push competition is a 3 mile short-course sprint on the Lake Michigan Pathway adjacent to the beach.  Will add more classes depending on participation, but podium winners of the sprint win the prizes.

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Bustin Shop of the Week: Burning Spider Stoke Company – Kansas City, Missouri

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Before Burning Spider Stokle Company was a shop, we founded a group on Facebook to service the local community.  At the time we called it Burning Spider, but as more riders where found out about the group we wanted to make it easier for locals to find, so we changed the name to Kansas City Longboard Community.  Now at 700+ riders it is a pretty rad place to talk skateboards and keep as many of the locals informed of what is going on.  Kansas City itself covers a huge 316 Square mile area with skating varying from skateparks, to short steep technical .25 mile to 1 mile long downhill runs right in the middle of the city, to nature trails like the Indian Creek Trail that stretches 25.5 miles currently (more gets added on every year), and is host to many group distance pushes.

ourside shop

As the community solidified and grew we needed a place to get our longboard equipment.  None of the local shops carried the depth of product and knowledge that a varied terrain city needed.  We had a couple of corporate stores, and a dedicated street skate shop that wasn’t super stoked on ordering longboard gear.  So we have moved to a store front right in the heart of one of the raddest places in city to skate and live.  Located in the heart of the 39th Street District we are Kansas City’s Longboard Headquarters.

shop panno

Our riders organize sessions in the community and there is very seldom a Sunday that doesn’t go by that we aren’t hosting some kind of event or group ride.

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Michigan’s Oldest Push Race – Madness in the Mitten Recap

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Last weekend, Annah and I woke up early and drove to Lansing, Michigan for the annual Madness in the Mitten Push race, presented by Action Board Shop and Go Green Longboarding.  Madness is rooted deep in Michigan longboard history, it was the first longboard push race to be hosted in the Midwest in 2008.  Since, the push has attracted an abundance of skaters from around Michigan and the midwest.

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Bustin x Tribe Thursday Terrain Park Session at Cannonsburg Ski Area

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Bustin is taking full advantage of the snow, because we are tired of complaining about too much snow in the streets.  This year, Bustin teamed up with Cannonsburg Ski Area & Tribe Boardwear in Grand Rapids, Michigan to host a Thursday Night Session in Cannonsburg’s terrain park.  We were honored to have the Pure Michigan Antix Board Co crew on site!  Their new Hoffmaster 154 is FRESH!


We set up a Bustin rainbow Feature & Tribe set up a step-down feature, then we put the Bustin tent between the features and blasted some Tropical Trance music for all to enjoy.


Bustin & Tribe brought hella swag and we had fun getting creative with the giveaways.  From 6-8pm, 100+ skiiers & snowboarders lapped the park and had a blast.  Bustin hooked it up with some Cannonsburg Custom decks which were awarded to the heavy hitters at the end of the event.



We came up with a pretty fun game, which was more dangerous as the night went on.  We would stand next to a feature and wave a shirt in the air, like in a bull fight.  Riders would come maching in, jib the rail, and try to grab the shirt.  Between Tribe & Bustin – we gave away at least 30 shirts!  We saw some great grabs and epic slams.  The riders couldn’t get enough!  It was rad.  Another moment of badness was when we handed out a sticker to 100+ shredders at the beginning of the event, and when we asked everyone to take off their gloves and apply the stick, everybody did it! its never that easy!  i blame the cold!  #success


After awhile, we wanted to see riders jump, and clear the entire feature.  We saw some BIG AIRS!  Sketchy, and AWESOME!

blog5Eventually, I got a little antsy and decided to do some shredding.  Founders All Day IPA may, or may not have influenced my involvement.  I’m old school, not used to terrain parks, rails, jibs, features.  i’m down with the old skool JUMPS!  Sorry for the crappy photo!  I swear I landed it.


Growing up, we used to make jumps wherever Ski Patrol was not.  because, if you were caught making jumps – you’d have your pass clipped.  F that noise.  These days, there is more park riding than alpine skiing, especially in the midwest where vertical is not our friend.  We’re dealing with about 900ft of vertical at #MyCannonsburg, and we slay it.  But, Michigan has 4 seasons – 3 warm, 1 freezing.  That’s why we’re so into longboarding!  We can shred all year long!  1 Love.

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Bustin Sponsorship Takes Midwest DH Skateboard Event to the Next Level

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America’s Midwest has been introduced to Urban Downhill Skateboarding!  Saturday June 21st, Bustin co-presented Grand Rapids Urban Downhill Skateboarding, a premiere event sanctioned Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan – in partnership with State Games of Michigan, Kendall College, Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc, Rey Trucks, Gilmore Manufacturing, Wheelbase Mag, Wind Waves & Wheels, Action Board Sports + dozens of contributors.  107 registered skathletes dropped Lyon, Ransom & Fountain Streets boasting 6% grade & two off camber corners to negotiate.


The event, dubbed GRDH included Pro, Women, Intermediate & Beginner class’ designed to distribute talent evenly. Many showed sporting leathers, one Grand Rapids native turned-up rocking a chicken suit, racing on a maestro34.  Six ladies entered the Women’s Class representing six United States.  Thought that was dope!


Bustin Team Rider Annah Dallas pulled a solid 3rd place in the Women’s Division!  1st downhill event and she yanked a 3rd place podium spot, hell yeah!  Our kids were there and have forever been influenced on International Go Skateboarding Day.  Thank you skateboarding! FULL RESULTS


Registered Skaters were permitted to skate Lyon, Ransom & Fountain Streets 4-8pm with roads closed.  Open Runs 4-6 and competition was 6-8pm.  4 person heats, 2-person elimination created a competitive atmosphere during race, complimented by the chill environment skateboarders often provide.  Very cool.

zcrowd paul

A number of police officers were hired for the day to assist with operations, lasting relationships were forged.  Grand Rapids Urban Downhill received support from every corner – Bustin provided Custom Boards for the podium among dozens of prizes distributed by event MC WINGMAN of 105.3 HOT FM.  prize giveaways were offered to the spectators & radio-waves via live Broadcast, which attracted hundreds of listeners to the event.


Nearly 3,000 spectators spectated the event, and each person was engaged.  New opinions have been created, kis are stoked, Mom’s are amped, Dad’s want to skate, the City wants to get more involved, the cops gave us high-fives, the weather was great, the hay was soft, the course was fun, the crowd was mellow, the riders turned-up, THE EVENT WAS SUCCESSFUL. Thank you for Party Rocking. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.





photos: Paul Soltysiak (thank you!!!)

want to get involved next year?  email:

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