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How To Distance Push a Bustin Skateboard Like Champion

Distance skateboarding is cool, most people can do it, young and old.  Find a paved trail, bring a skateboard and go for a rip, bud.  You decide how far you will go, you decide when to finish.  It’s Easy.  I described the fundamentals of Distance Skateboarding in pictures from this morning’s rip, 11 miles there-and-back on the White Pine Trail in Rockford, Michigan.

1. Get up  early and eat a good breakfast.


2. Have a chill if you prefer, then get out for a rip bud.


3. Switch-up your pushing leg every-so-often, skate proportionally and stay aero, bud. Use your arms to carry momentum and circulate yer blood.


4. Optimal distance push position is foot forward just rear of the truck bolts.  Raise yer knee high when you pump and extend your toes when you push.  Use yer entire leg muscles for best momentum, power, aerodynamics and performance.


5. You just went for a rip, bud.  Take a selfie.  It’s also a good idea to download Map My Run on your smart phone and track your performance.  The app is free and really allows you to understand how you perform in all conditions and on all terrain.


If yer skating a there-and-back track, set a personal goal and achieve it.  Mine was 5 miles, averaging 12.2.  This is my first push in some time, so I eased into it.  Skate however you prefer.


During the return skate, I kicked it in a bit to see what juice I had left.  Felt good.  11 miles is pretty chill.  I skated 6 miles back and averaged 13.7mph.  Almost competitive!  14-17mph is the average speed of the fastest guys on flatland.  Add some hills and some guys will average 24mph.  Pretty quick!

7The best part of Distance Skateboarding is you feel like a CHAMPION.  I recommend it.  Get out for a rip, bud.  I prefer the Bustin Boards Maestro38 with 70mm-75mm wheels for Distance Skateboarding.  The end.



Racine Relays Presented by Bustin Boards & AGA Nation – Saturday August 2, 2pm

Racine Relays is a 2.6 mile 2-person relay style longboard push race along the Lake Michigan Pathway of Racine, Wisconsin on a  a there-and-back track.    Bustin partnered with Action Sports Agency AGA Nation, who focuses on skateboard, wakeboard, snowboard & BMX sports.

Where: Racine, Wisconson (hour  and a half north of Chicago)

When: Saturday August 2, 2pm

Who: All ages welcome, $10 individual / $20 team

*Helmets Mandatory

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Brooklyn State of Mind: Longboarding for Peace Awareness Event

What’s good Bustin fam?!  We want to thank everyone that came out to support this past Thursday here at our Bustin Brooklyn location.  The Good Vibes, Creative Minds crew had some amazingly talented artist come thru and put on one epic show!  There were magicians, singers, poets and tons of skaters!

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Kiefer Dixon Pushes his way into 1st place

Kiefer Dixon has made a name for himself by pushing the limits of his board and body at any and every push race he attends. I have personally seen him push long distances and quite frankly, I just can’t keep up. It’s almost like his lungs and legs are mechanical and all he needs is a bottle of water for fuel and he’s good for the next 30 miles. Kiefer traveled to California this past weekend to compete in the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon and took first place! He pushed 26.2 miles in 1 hour and 37 minutes! It was a close race but Kiefer took the lead in the final quarter mile! He always tends to lay back the first 3 quarters of the final mile, and then goes full throttle the final stretch! Congratulations on your win Kiefer! We’re proud of you!

-Dave A.


A Jacked Magic Carpet Lands Home

It never fails to amaze me how skating brings people together, even in troubled times. So looking back on when we were approached just a few weeks ago by a dude who bought a custom Maestro secondhand, I can’t help but be convinced that there is no camaraderie as genuine as the kind that comes with stepping on your board.

The board we were approached about was a custom Maestro fully decked out that looked like it hadn’t even seen pavement yet. The new owner picked it up from a local shop, did a once-over and saw from the custom mark that it had only been painted a few weeks prior and shot us a message to see what the deal was (afterall, who gets rid of badass Maestro?). After we worked a little magic here at the office and narrowed down who originally ordered this steezy magic carpet, the new owner wanted to see if it needed to make its way home.

Once we got ahold of the original owner, he painted a bad picture for us. Apparently his home had been broken into and out of all of the things stolen (phone, computers, wallet), his super fresh Maestro was what broke his heart. Telling him that we were going to return his ride ASAP nearly induced tear shed, it was beyond belief for him. So while the custom shop got cracking on a new Maestro exactly like the one swiped, I let the new owner know he was free to shred the original!

Thus, one dude was happy hitting the streets on his new ride and the other had his pride and joy restored in full. If that doesn’t exemplify brotherhood on the streets, then I don’t know what does.

I just got word from the original owner of the Maestro that his Cigar was also stolen, but with our help he was able to go back and reclaim the Cigar as well! Looks like the whole famn damily is back together.


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