Skateboarding Wins 2020 Olympic Gold!!!!

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So it’s semi (pretty much a done deal!) official that skateboarding will be in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The buzz is buzzing and there are many who are stoked, some who are bummed, and others who are left confused. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, it’s an interesting and important step for skateboarding and many questions are still left unanswered: Will downhill be included, Freestyle, What about the drug testing, and what will their costumes look like?

Anyway, we’re excited to watch it all unfold, and hope to one day have a Bustin Boards rider competing (Max Ballesteros wins Gold!!!) in this arena.

That said,  Wheelbase Magazine just launched a rad little news article discussing this new development with some links to more info as well as pertinent quotes from some of skateboarding’s icons as they way in on this exciting development. Click here to check it out.

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The Rooted: Marcus Bandy

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The_rooted_Marcus_bandy_bustin_boards_3 (1 of 1)

Brother Dave and I acid droppin’ in Round Rock, Tx. 1980s. Photo: Mom.

I started skateboarding way, way back in the 1980’s in Round Rock, Texas. There was no real or defined genre of street skateboarding at this point and most everyone skated ditches, backyard ramps, neighborhood hills, and anything else we could find or fashion with what we had around us. The older skaters taught us about the importance of being a well-rounded skater and of embracing the outcast. Shit, we were all outcasts back then! Ha ha! The OGs taught us that if we were gonna be skaters we needed to know our roots and how to skate anything in your path. Not everyone grew up in the time or place I did, nor with this type of mentorship I mention above, and that’s perfectly okay—everyone in skateboarding has their own story and their personal approach to ripping. That said, I’m proud and thankful for my experience—good and bad. The important thing my journey has taught me is that you gotta stay skating and remember to keep the fire lit in new skaters coming up—that’s what gets the heat rockin’ onward!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.26.02 PM

Smith grind basher in Compton, CA. 2016. Photo: David Ruano.

Y’all know I’m old as dirt and my hip is about to turn to marrow dust, but I’m still skating for now and searching for the feeling captured way back then when my lil brother Dave and I used to acid drop off of shit in the parking lot of our local city mall—at that time period that acid drop was a critical move. Ha ha! To this day, I try to get critical whenever I can and make sure I stay smiling in the process!

The_rooted_Marcus_bandy_bustin_boards_4 (1 of 1)

Boardslide at the Corridor Ditch in Round Rock, Tx. 1980s. Photo: Uncle Jon.

I still roll every single chance I get and I make it a point to remember those old days when I first started and everything was new—not because I wanna be nostalgic—naw, but more so as a reminder that pulling a simple acid drop was EVERYTHING. Some call it a search for Animal Chin, or stroking’ the Stoke Donkey (Actually, nobody calls it that except for me, ha ha!). regardless of what ya wanna call that feelin’,  it is crucial to remind myself of why I started to ride skateboards in the first place: It’s mine, I make the rules, there’re endless possibilities, flow, speed, it’s my transporter, it’s all that and a bag of Chips A’hoy, there’s always unique opportunities to see an otherwise mundane and bureaucratic surrounding as actually flexible, it’s open for interpretation, and it is a canvas to create. My escape! Thank you skateboarding!

The_rooted_Marcus_bandy_bustin_boards_6 (1 of 1)

Frontal ollie at CM5, Harvard, Mass. 2015. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred.

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share a few memories and mental meanderings of my life as a skateboarder and to touch on why I’m still in love after all these years. The story continues. . .

Thank you Bustin Boards and all my friends for the support and inspiration. Hell yeah skateboarding!!!!!

The_rooted_Marcus_bandy_bustin_boards_2 (1 of 1)

SF homie bomb in the Sunset. 2015. Photo: Yvonne Byers.

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Shop of the Week-Soulriders

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Soulriders is located in the Northern California town of Santa Rosa. This unique shop is a tribute to how Surfing, Skateboarding, Hot Rods and Music are connected since the 1950’s. Featuring surf clothing brands that preach the heritage side of surfing and how hot rods are part of that heritage is the goal of Soulriders. The history of Skateboarding is well represented here with boards from the early 60’s to current boards all over the shop. You never know what legendary skateboarders and personalities you might see there as this shop is frequented by skaters and surfers from all eras and really is like no other shop in the world. While you’re there it will be very noticeable that Soulriders has vast amounts of cool clothes, vinyl records, memorabilia and lot’s and lot’s of Bustin Boards. If you ever get up north of San Francisco do yourself a favor and say hi to the owners who are also long time skaters, surfers and hot rod enthusiasts! Soulriders 404 Mendocino Ave Santa Rosa, Ca 95401 707-978-3810

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The Rooted: Malek Abouljoud

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Bustin_boards_rooted_Malek_Aboujoud_1 (1 of 1)

Malek Aboujoud and his first board way back when. Photo: Mom.

Why do I skateboard? It’s a question I always consider, yet, there may not be a definitive answer. However, I can certainly attempt to explain why I am stuck to skateboarding as firmly as that seized bearing is stuck on a rusty axle. As cliché as it sounds, I never really fit in with any of the people on the sports teams I played on.  I had a go at soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and golf over the course of my childhood/adolescence.  Since my run-in with all of those team sports, I have realized I simply do not like being confined to an itinerary of when we practice and when we play, not to mention the majority of the people I played with were total ass wipes.  Speaking of grievances regarding team sports, I played on my fair share of baseball teams where the father of a player only ever put their son at first base, on the mound, or at home plate.  I sincerely did love baseball, however the politics and nepotism of it ruined the game for me—no one likes a dad that’s an even larger douchebag than their arrogant son (I’ll never forget you, coach Williams! Ha ha!).

Bustin_boards_rooted_Malek_Aboujoud_2 (1 of 1)

Malek Abouljoud leading the pack at the Grand Rapids Urban Downhill event 2015. Photo: Ashlee Brown.

In skateboarding, there is no roster, no mandatory practice schedule, and most importantly, no nepotistic coaches who will scold you for blowing that play. For the most part, you skate when, where, and how you want, unless the 5-0 or the owner of that private property rains on your parade of course. Contrary to the team sports in which I participated, I have made copious amounts of genuine, tremendous friends via skateboarding.  I sincerely do not know where I would be without all of the impeccable friends I’ve met through skateboarding who hail from all across the United States, and the world for that matter. Skateboarding is a channel in which I can express creativity, relieve stress, and clear my mind (cliché, yet true).  Skateboarding is my justification to travel and explore, in addition to a gateway by which a monotonous, day-to-day lifestyle can be transformed into one which is significantly more fruitful.  There’s no team sports which are capable of delivering a more exhilarating feeling than bumping shoulders with your homie whilst descending a hill at 50 mph, or coming out of that sketchy pass alive, or touching their hip as you draft them down the hill.  The travels, friends, experiences, and excitement I get from skateboarding are the reasons I do it.  Why do you skateboard?

-Malek Abouljoud

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Bustin Boards Shop of the Week

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This Friday will be our first post celebrating the beautiful differences between all of our partners in retail all over the world. In other words, the shops that work with us to get Bustin Boards in the hands of our Bustin Boards “Skate Everything” faithful! Just as riders of Bustin Boards tend to be the kind of skaters that ride everything from ditches, parks, pools, downhill and street, so do our retail partners have that same varied approach to presenting there shop mantra. So check in every Friday to explore with us some of the sickest shops around, how they operate, what they offer and where it is they call home!!

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