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State Games of Michigan – Grand Rapids Urban Downhill Skateboarding, June 21 2014

State Games of Michigan urban Downhill Skateboarding Poster

REGISTER HERE:  http://stategamesofmichigan.com/GRDH   Bustin Boards is a proud supporter of skateboard events all around the world.  We’re particularly excited about a new event this summer, State Games of Michigan – Grand Rapids Urban Downhill Skateboarding.  Bustin has been working with the local governments of Grand Rapids, Michigan in partnership with the State funded Games of Michigan –  a multi-sport Olympic style program that offers 41 sporting events over a 3-day weekend.  This is the 5th year of the State Games in Michigan,  which includes a fully sanctioned Downhill Skateboarding event.  The GRDH course is a short, urban style track boasting left and right off-camber 90 degree corners – perfect to grip and rip.

Skateboarding is illegal downtown Grand Rapids, posing a real problem for urban commuters living downtown and students who commute to class./work.  This is the first time Lyon, Ransom & Fountain Streets will be closed to protect State Games participants involved in the Urban Downhill event and the first time skateboarders are allowed on the hill.  We hope the event will raise awareness that skateboarding is a viable form of transportation that needs a green-commuter infrastructure, curbed bike lanes separated from the roadway.


Wheelbase supports the movement: Click Here 

GRDH on Fox17 News with Christian Frank




Bustin Flow Rider J-Rod Seifert Freerides Michigan – Bustin NYC

Michigan native J-Rod hooked us up with this chill video he put together of a good freeride run on his Bustini Boombox in Rockford, Michigan.  Jared’s skill set keeps on growing and you might just see him at style competitions in the near future!  Enjoy!


Rapid Movement Ignites Longboard Awareness in Midwest – Bustin Longboards NYC

The Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon presented by Bustin Longboards NYC is the most high profile skateboard event to happen in Michigan since the early 90’s.  125 registered participants skateboarded for 26 miles around Millennium Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan – marking the most skathletes at a single skateboard competition in Michigan.  The event was hosted to present the idea of Distance Skateboarding to like-minded individuals while offering an incredible race location for experienced skathletes.

Rapid Movement Marathon featured on Fox 17 News – Click Here

Bustin Boards Rider Annah Rowe + SML Blair Butterworth ran the registration table.

Jeremy Ocean and SML Jon Butler were the finish-line marshals. Continue reading


Bustin Flow Rider Jared Seifert in Rockford, Michigan – Bustin Longboards NYC

Ridin every chance I get from Jared Seifert on Vimeo.

Jared Seifert of Rockford, Michigan is a Bustin Flow Team Rider and longboard representative who shares his love for sports via skateboarding all over Michigan.  Jared spreads stoke among Michigan natives and produces his own short films during his practice sessions.  This is a quick edit of one of the most fun hills in Rockford, Michigan called House Street off of Childsdale, near Rockford High School.  I have always dreamed of a DH course on House Street if we can ever convince the neighbors to be down with the cause.  Jared, be an Ambassador of stoke and teach the hill locals about our sport.  Maybe one day we can host a rad DH/Freeride event on House St.  Stay Skatin’!


Skate Across The Mitten – 185 Mile Michigan Trek

This video is a milestone in my longboard life.  From Grand Rapids, Michigan – I have dreamed of skating across the state of Michigan for 10 years.  Never did I seize the opportunity, but these guys have and they deserve much respect.  CONGRATS FELLAS!  I’ll hit you up when I’m back this summer for a gnarly shredd. ONE.