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Tales from the Bustin Store

written by Mike March 30, 2010

Working in the assembly shop at the Bustin Shop is a great job.  I love hearing skate stories all day long.  So manypeople stop in to hang out, relax and feel the energy of the boards.  I get to hear some quite interesting stories from behind the glass partition while I work.  The talk never changes from longboarding and no story is the same, except for spill carnage.  Everyone has the same bruises and cuts in the same place.  Riders get really interested when “new wounds” walk in.  We’ve seen most of the nastiest crash wounds and the best part is that wounds get respect mixed with laughs and “been there” stories.

One conversation I shared at the shop sticks with me and provokes a lot of thought.  Studies have shown that the human body is the most efficient anatomy for upright standing movement such as walking and running.  The human body can travel farther, faster and more efficient than any other species in the animal kingdom.  That is why longboarding makes so much sense.  The human body is designed for standing movement and longboarding enables the body to operate more efficiently than any other mode of human body generated movement.  The human body was not designed to be sitting in a prone position as done on a bicycle, though bikes kick major ass.  Moral of the story:  Get a longboard designed for Push Culture because of the energy efficient design and commute better and faster.


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