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Teamwork makes us faster

written by Mike September 8, 2008

photo: Fashion Institute Swim Team 2008/2009

My favorite part of NYC longboarding is the hospitable nature of the skaters.  Thrashing together, we are able to learn new disciplines and improve our style.  Recently I started coaching the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC’s collegiate swim team.  The team is a first year squad initiating the innagural season at FIT, and is undefeated.  I have learned a lot about teamwork and collaberation working with this crew and I look forward to embracing a local team mentality in our skate scene.

Interaction within the longboard scene is important as we can promote the sport from the grass roots up, just like the FIT swim team has.  Sharing skate secrets and stoke is just as important as skating itself if we want to see our talent and sport grow.  We are fortunate to have one another, be sure to socialize with other riders you may pass.  You never know what may come of an interaction…

-Mike Dallas


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