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Thermoglass Daenseu reviewed by Carla Javier

written by TeamBustin February 9, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to escape Portland, Oregon’s “unskatable snowpocalypse” and make it down to the Dominican Republic. Equipped with Bustin’s new Thermoglass Daenseu, I sought out to enjoy 80 degree weather, dry roads, and bust out some fancy foot work until my tiny withered heart gave out (: 

If you’re not familiar with Bustin’s dancer, the Daenseu, it features 46 inches in length and a width of 9.50″. It’s top-mount, and it’s functional wheelbase can be adjusted between 30-33 inches, meaning: cross. step. for. days. D A Y S. DAYS, YOU GUYS. Can’t figure out nose from tail? We got chu, fam: It’s fully symmetrical. Yes. For real. Why symmetrical, you ask? Well, because symmetry gives you more options, and it is also a very, very beautiful thing. 

Daenseu Complete

Now that I have your attention on nose and tails, this version of the Daenseu is equipped with fully functional, rounded tails, loaded with a ton of pop and, last but not least…*drumroll* urethane bumpers! Why do we love urethane bumpers, aside from them being pretty f*cking dope? Well, I’ll tell you: Urethane bumpers are strong, forgiving, loyal, handsome, empathetic. It’s like the “you vs. the person he/she tells you not to worry about”, urethane bumpers being the person she/he tells you not to worry about hehe. Why, you ask (again, seriously?). Well, here’s why: paired with the triaxial fiberglass construction, it helps the Daenseu have some flex, but be hella strong and hella durable compared to regular wood construction. The materials implemented in the build will hold up a lot longer, helping you out with crashes, and the usual wear and tear, especially if you find yourself defying gravity with your board often. You know, how tails end up looking when you actually put them to good use? That’s what we’re moving away from. You’re welcome. 

Cross stepping into the sunset. Photo: Juan Paulino.

I get the best out of my TG Daenseu when set up with Bear Kodiaks, paired with 81a and 85a tall Venom bushings (I’m 5’4” and 115 pounds), yellow center set Five-O 64mm 80a and Bustin’s built in Abec 9 Bearings. I wanna make sure to get a nice lean out of my trucks that balances out the responsiveness of the Daenseu; even though rigidness is something that comes into play due to the thermoglass-bamboo construction, it’s still very sensitive to your movements. Features like radial concave make sure to give you a nice feel for where you’re standing, subtly embracing you as you perform. Aside from enjoying the oh-so-ample standing platform, the thermoglass gives you a perfect response for all of your onboard shenanigans, while also helping it be very light and maneuverable for it’s size. All of the features on the Daenseu come together for your skating pleasure and all work incredibly well with each other; none overpower the other. That way, you can direct all of your energy and attention to that trick you’ve been trying to land instead of having to convince your board cooperate with you. 

A stoked Carla is a happy Carla. Photo: Juan Paulino.

Long story short, the Bustin TG Daenseu is pretty damn awesome. I know it may seem like my opinion is biased, but it’s not. I promise. Actually, I pinky promise <3

Carla :3 


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