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That Bustin Swagg-Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin May 20, 2011

Solomon here. So our Longboard Loft location has been bananas lately! Well this week slowed down a bit with all the rain but the streets have been dry today and the store has been bustling. Even with the rain this has been a pretty exciting week. A week that has been headlined with the drop of our long awaited fiberglass Maestro. The online orders have been flooding in and a limited quantity is available for purchase in-store. My homie Royston was here early today and has been the first customer to purchase and skate on this sexy board! With a little inspiration from a few of the Bustin Crew this physical fitness guru engineered one of the sleekest rides I’ve experienced to date. The 6-ply glassed Maestro with 45 degree, 176mm SurfRodz and Atobe Bonnevilles wheels. This setup is going to beast over any terrain he’ll encounter pushing through NYC. I know some will think SurfRodz are overkill for pushing through the city but I’m rocking close to the same setup on my standard 7-ply Maestro and it is one buttery ride. Besides…It ain’t tricking if you got it.

More exciting news, at least for me, is my participation in the Maryhill Festival of Speed that will be taking place in Goldendale, Washington starting late June. This will be the furthest I have ventured out west and even though this is said to be a mild run on the IGSA circuit it will probably be the most intense riding I’ve done not involving NYC traffic or a 26 mile marathon.. One of my goals for this year was to step more out of my comfort range and get more experience at other disciplines. I’m taking quite a step going to Maryhill and I definitely have a few butterflies…but you have to be in it to win it. Leggoo!

Our NYC crew also had a few riders head to Georgia to undertake a 188 mile three day stage race that even treks through Alabama and includes 100 miles on the third day! Now that is going hard. We wish Maribeth McHugh, Cami Best and Jeffery Vyain the best of luck as these warriors  undergo a task that most wouldn’t dare dream of. This is a shot of them on the first ten mile stretch this morning.

Shout out to all the new faces that have been coming into the shop. So many people with so many inspirations. I love it.  There was one cool duo I especially wanted to highlight but mistakenly deleted their photo..Sophia and Paulette please bring your sleek new ride by the shop and I’ll get you up here! Today though I’m giving the features to that “new new”. Lindsey Turner is a new face to skating with only having started riding this past October. This 26 year old hip chick is repping Brooklyn now for the past year and half but you can tell by her swag she is from the great state of Texas. She came in with who I’ll assume was her boyfriend, who is also from Texas and is a proud owner of a Bustin Maestro, looking for her ideal recreational board. She had initially stopped by Billabong but an employee suggested she not waste her time and to head straight to Bustin, where she became the first to purchase and ride the fiberglass Sv4. This ride was perfect for her with Gullwing 9 inch M1 trucks and the new 70mm, 78a Bustin freeride Swift wheels. Lyndsey’s  favorite aspect of skating has been proving to herself that she can do it. Kudos to you lady! Stay Skatin’.


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Wesley W. May 29, 2011 at 11:56 pm

heyy, im wesley from North Carolina, not many hills there but i was riding in Sea Breezes on Atlantic beach and met a lady that told me her daughter worked here, and told my longboarding buddies all about you and how dedicated yall are to longboarding. i hope to one day own my own board shop, but till then, ill try to buy a couple off of this sight!
thanks and have a good one,

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