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That NY Push is Bustin Boards

written by Mike June 15, 2015


Bustin makes a longboard for just about every style of riding, but our roots are deep in that NY PUSH.   I was back in NYC last week for an annual dose of NYC Push Culture and to hang out with Team Bustin at the kick-off of our FOR ALL WHO PUSH tour along the East Coast and into the Midwest.  I learned that NY PUSH is EXACTLY what it used to be, and that got me fucking STOKED!


NYC Push Culture will never die.  You will never refer to NY Push as an activity that used to be cool, because it’S ALWAYS cool.  The convenience of commuting on a longboard in NYC traffic is rivaled by no other.  Our lifestyle is cemented in NY street culture, no matter how many times you ride your bike.


Bikes are cool, and bikes can get you places faster (if you got it like that) but a skateboard in the city is the absolute most convenient means of travelling the grid of New York City.  I was a bit salty about the life choices of the young groms as I remember them.  Those same groms who were riding the cool wave of Push Culture now ride the cool wave of Fix gear bikes.  …And I still fuck em like I used to.



Best part about growing up is you have a chance to define yourself.  Some were born with it, others will search their whole life trying to find it.  We are NY Push and here are 10 reason you should ride a longboard in NYC:

1. #1 rule of skateboarding in NYC is never leave the nest without your board.  I don’t care where you are going, You’ll regret leaving your board behind if yo do.

2. No transit fare if you commute on a longboard.

3. No need to invest in an expensive bike lock.

4.  No need to bring a bike lock everywhere you go.

5.  You can bring your board into every place you will visit, sometimes even coat check!

6. The freedom of two free hands while riding

7. No waiting in traffic.  Surf Traffic.

8. You can eat food while riding.

9.  You have the option of using city transportation with your board.

10.  You will cover more ground and accomplish way more shit on a longboard in NYC than any other type of multi-modal transportation.


I learned something this week.  Bustin Boards is 100% New York and New York is Push Culture.  That NY Push will never die and I cherish my ROOTS.   That NYPush.




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