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“That One Day” Starring Skater Rachelle Vinberg

written by TeamBustin September 2, 2016

A new short film by Crystal Moselle called THAT ONE DAY and commissioned by Italian high fashion women’s clothing and accessory brand Miu Miu (a subsidiary of Prada) has just been released as the 12th installment of their Women’s Tales series and it stars Bustin Boards NYC Street Crew rider Rachelle Vinberg and accompanied by her lady friends the Skate Kitchen. The video is pretty fun overall and if its goal was to empower young women through skateboarding and friendship, then we think it achieves it’s goal quite nicely. If its goal was to also show off some radical Miu Miu threads we think it succeeded in doing that as well.

Anyway, Rachelle has a mean kickflip (btw, she and her friends rip in general) and it’s aways rad to see a posse of rad shredder ladies doing inspirational things on and off their skateboards.

Here’s also the NY Times article about this project and how it came to be.


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