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The 2014 Sportster Family

written by Bubbles May 9, 2014

For 2014 Bustin has re-released the Sportster as a expanded family, the Sportster 36 and Sportster PRO are both back, with a little brother thrown into the mix to keep things fresh.  The idea behind the Sportster 33 was to take all the low-riding cruisability of the original Sportster, and pack it into a tight, sidewalk thrashing mini machine.


Posing for a family photo…

Bustin kept the over-all feel of the re-released Sportster family the same with the double-dropped / rockered platform that makes pushing oh-so easy.  However, for 2014 they’ve pressure forged the rocker into the drop itself to allow for true truck performance; no wedging on these babies, you mount 50° trucks, you ride 50° trucks!


Look ma! No wedge!

The Sportster 36 and Sportster 33 both have the same touch of flex that made the 2013 model such a hit among pushers and cruisers, with a little more snap due to the ThermoGlass construction to provide some spring to your step.  While the Sportster PRO got the ThermoCarbon treatment, making it ready to shred any hill with no worries of flexing out on a gnarly run.  The Thermo Composites in these boards also lend them to lasting a long, long, long time.  Plus all of the material is reusable, and recyclable, so no more need for runs to the land-fill with old epoxy!  Enjoy!



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