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The Bustin Boards BGDK is BACK!

written by Bubbles November 11, 2013

Hey kids and kats!  I know you’ve been waiting, and waiting, and bugging mom, and calling us to see if they’re back yet, and now they are!  We’ve just got a whole shipment of these bad boys in blue back in the warehouse and they’ve been to the stylist while they were away!

Not only is the BGDK back in stock, it’s now lighter and slimmer than ever.  We heard that our BGDK was too BG for ya’ll, so we decided to take down just a notch in order to make it more playful and maneuverable.  Although we did maintained the sharp edge to provide maximum grip out of the concave and rail.  The overall change is a half inch out of the length and a quarter inch out of the girth of the deck, making this wood easier to push as well!  More pop, more height, less weight, more fun!

In case anyone wants a closer look, here’s a shot of the newer, not-quite-as BGDK on top of the older BGDK for a good idea of whats different!  The difference is subtle to the eye, but very noticeable to the feet.

photo (7)

Now, get your parents credit card and buy it!  (please get their permission first though)


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