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The Bustin Sportster is Born – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Ryan July 27, 2012

Well, we’re finally releasing the Sportster today and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.  If you’ve been around, you know we’ve been crafting this machine for quite a while and, in truth, probably got a little over anal about it.  (For what its worth, I blame our recent trip to Berlin for the Bright Show where it really hit me how meticulously anal German engineers really are… everything is designed and cut tight from the shower curtain that looks like a Mission Impossible movie to the subway doors that open like a space shuttle.) Regardless, its here now and it’s even tighter than we originally imagined.  As you’ll read in the specs and the bio, we really wanted to create a board that could go fast, slide easily AND push around town with the best of them.  We knew that trying to do all three would lead to some level of compromise and we weren’t even sure it was possible to get it right.  If you’ve been following the blog/facebook/insta-tweet-bla-bla during this race and event season, you’ve probably seen this board here and there, but you probably didnt recognize it.  Originally all of the protos had nub-tails like the Robot, which were eventually scrapped in an effort to make the board lighter and leaner.  We knew that axing the tails would immediately turn-off a subsection of you that need a tail on everything, and for that we’re sorry.  Still, in the end we think that removing the tails and forking the nose was the best way to achieve the original goal of a speed/slide/push sportster.  From there we spent alot of time tweaking the wheelbase, the drop design, the concave and finally the shape until we really felt like it hit square on what we were envisioning.  I could go on and on about the design, but I’ll leave it at that and let the SPORTSTER SPECS PAGE do the rest of the talking (I’ll need more coffee in order to get into all those details).

All I can say is that we’re f’ing stoked about this board.  I have mine setup as an LES pot-hole dominating, street sweeper with Bustin/Surfrodz Indeesz and 82a Royce 75mm wheels and I’ve never ripped around the city faster.  Its going to be an epic fall season in NYC!

One Love from everyone here and we hope you enjoy the new Sportster!


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Mario B. July 27, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Hey you should make this board in a 38″ version..That would be great and an awesome board

Ben Stubbs October 24, 2012 at 6:59 am

Is the Bustin Sportster 36 Symetrical

Bubbles October 24, 2012 at 9:10 am

The Board is totally symmetrical and likes being ridden both ways! And with the wheelbase stretched all the way to the ends of the board is performs like a much larger deck, check it out!

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