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The Bustin Strike – Team Manager Approved!

written by Mike November 18, 2008

photo: Mike Dallas/1st Strike Prototype designed for and raced at Broadway Bomb 2008

You want my honest opinion?  The Bustin Strike is the board I choose when I walk out the door. Why?  The brilliance of the design is versatility.  I prefer a board that will perform well in every situation because my style is multi-dynamic.  The dual wedged trucks are engineered to feed the need of multi-discipline style sessions from traffic surfing and banks sliding to hills and flats.

The Strike is unique because it is a forward cambered, concave drop through truck design with a tail and small nose for manuals.  8-ply Canadian Maple offers moderate flex and predictable rebound chosen for the long distance kick, push, coast, pump and carve.  The signature Bustin shape offers the advantage of increased truck wedging in front and rear for fluid maneuverability and greater response time imperative for city survival.

The culmination of ideas shared among our tight knit NYC shredders, the Strike re-defines originality and is custom built to navigate the extreme conditions of New York City longboarding.

We owe huge thanks to our local crew who we are blessed to ride with (thank you big time! .md.).  They used and abused every prototype we created allowing us more objective opinions of preferred functionality and durability.  Each prototype was individually tricked out, riders choice, to ensure compatibility with most high performance gear in the industry.

Riders question why we continue to offer boards with increased wedging?  My answer is greater maneuverability.  The rear mount is wedged 7 degrees and the front mount is 13 degrees.  Custom base plates can be purchased to increase or decrease wedging at Randal Truck, Co. www.randal.com

Riders seeking a board geared for downhill should consider investing in a custom 30 degree base plate on the rear mount and a 42-50 degree base plate on the front mount.  This will compensate wheel wobble at high speeds, causing the front truck to steer and the rear truck to follow.  Wedging allows a truck to have tighter turning geometry, de-wedging increases stability yet minimizes maneuverability.

I have skated every shape and design on the longboard market.  The Bustin Strike is the dopest board of my dreams…rolled and lit.


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