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The day we ruled the streets: A Mini-Bomb recap

written by TeamBustin July 19, 2010

First thought…..Thank you! To the Concrete Kings and everyone else that is PushCulture. Thanks to our sponsors..Bustin, Arbor, Bern, Original, Landyachtz, and Uncle Funky’s skate shop. We couldn’t have done this without you all!

Second thought….Booyah! The first annual Concrete Kings “Mini-Bomb” was a huge success! We had 100-120 riders show up from as far as Florida and maybe even further. And as I rolled up, late as usual, I was greeted with a rolling wave of stoke and scores of eager riders ready to start. Sorry guys, we spent 30 minutes looking for a parking spot close to the after-party location….prizes and my dad’s grill were in the trunk. Also greeting me at the 116th and Broadway starting line were Columbia University students, pedestrians and even the NBC news team. I did as many greetings as I could, lined up and then my co-host/organizer Rob Rodriguez shouted go and the race was off!

The race was 6+ miles of NYC traffic surfing, pedestrian dodging, adrenaline pumping fun! The first rule of this race was…”There are no rules”. I wanted this race to represent what you would see on any given day as the Concrete Kings shred the city’s streets and that includes bypassing lights, caution signs, cops and even skitching. This too is PushCulture. Adam Crigler caught a skitch that people will  envy until the next race. The cab was waiting at the crosswalk, the lights turned green, the heavens opened up and Crigler went flying down 5th Ave doing at least 30. Awesome! He wasn’t the first or the last but it was definitely the best! After that it was a close race for second. The fastest riders in the city were there and to them six miles of pushing through the city non-stop is an everyday occurrence. But this push race is more than speed…it is about awareness, daring and natural instinct. You have to be ready for the cars that want to cut you off, the light that is about to turn red or the pedestrians that litter your path. There can be as many variables as there are people in NYC, the only thing you can do is be ready to react. This too is PushCulture.

Adam Crigler did the course in a fast 21 minutes and was rewarded with a crisp $100 and his choice of prizes. Big Up bro!!!!! Evan Armbrister really made his presence known with a strong second. Apparently he can do more than talk trash! …That might seem harsh but I bet he’s doing that crazy laugh of his right now. Do work.  Look out for this guy to do some real work in the races to come! Congrats bro and don’t get too comfortable…The Rifts Are Coming….RIFTS! (Read the blog if you don’t know what If you don’t know what I’m talking about).

No man..or woman was left behind and we waited at the Union Square until everyone crossed the finish line. Their was tons of love being spread and no drama. We left Union with crowds of people staring in amazement. Way to go Concrete Kings! The group as a whole skated a few blocks where my dad aka Bear began to grill and everyone prepared for the awards ceremony.

Finishers in order from 1-10.

Adam Crigler. Evan Armbrister. Solomon Lang(Me). Kiefer Dixon. Wilfried Bouillon. Caspar Henrici. Travis Davenport. Javon Prince Lang.  Jeff Vyain aka the wiggler. Nelson Oliver.

Video from the race and finish line are being worked out now…Thanks Jeff.

You would think that after 6+ miles of continuous kicking that the group would be ready to take it easy….not the Concrete Kings.  The only breaks were to grab a hot dog or hamburger and to listen for prizes being announced. After that it was back to skating with a few more contests yet to be held…..There was the sprint race spanning a few blocks that was won by Mike Dallas aka Diesel. The Best Trick by Wilfried Bouillon. And the Hippie Jump by Paulie Connor.

All together the day went perfectly. I can’t thank everyone enough. The Kings for representing us so well. Our sponsors for the dope schwag. Open Road for help making the awards ceremony possible. My dad for laying it down on the grill even though he had just done the race as well. And everyone who attended and made this such a wonderful experience. You are PushCulture!

Stay tuned for info on the Concrete Kings next event……”The Track Meet”.


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OIII July 19, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Dude…I need to get a board again. 😛 Either the strike or the Maestro.

CMED July 19, 2010 at 3:26 pm

It was my first longboard race and now I’m HOOKED!!!!

Andy s July 19, 2010 at 3:58 pm

push race though??
kid that one skitched half the way.. fastest pusher no, but an awesome skitcher. awesome job guys!! was a great day and my first race also. skateforlife!

tj July 19, 2010 at 4:01 pm


Solomon July 19, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Outlaw Race!!

brice barrera July 19, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Awesome event can’t wait to go back in Oct 🙂

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