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The Divide Distance Skateboarding Challenge: Sunday, July 19 – Manton, MI

written by Mike July 14, 2015


The Divide Distance Skateboarding Challenge- Manton, MI: https://www.facebook.com/TheDividebikerace?fref=ts

The Divide Distance Skateboarding Challenge is a hybrid skate event offering 5k/10k distance races + a hybrid push with speed sections.  Longboard skateboarding was added to the Manton, Michigan event because the road is closed for a bike race and the bikers are interested to see how skaters can keep up on a course with climbs and descents.  The course is not very technical, but does offer thrilling speed sections, corners and climbs.  There is a campground on a nice lake in Manton where we’ll camp out for the evening should you choose to stay and hang out in northern Michigan for the evening – bring a tent.  Family friendly event, until someone takes their pants off.



This is a snapshot of the course elevation profile – looks like a good push & fun DH section!

Special hookup!  For those going to Manton use code BUSTIN15 when registering, for the hookup.

Register for the Divide: http://michianatiming.com/registration/

Divide Time Schedule:
Bike – all distances at noon.
Downhill Elimination Longboard 12:20 pm until done!
Push (5K and 10K combined) at 4:00 pm.

We have reworked pricing on the longboard to be as follows:
$10 rider fee.
$10 downhill fee
$10 push fee (pick either)

Combined rate for downhill plus a push is $15.

Use code BUSTIN15 to save $5 on the longboard, so for one $20 bill you can ride both the downhill and the push.

Registration is here: http://michianatiming.com/registration

Questions? @donp michianatiming, @mike dallas or Jeff Harding




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