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The feature feature – DomebleU

written by Bubbles March 21, 2014

Concave.  Thats what it very frequently comes down to.  Who knew that the part of your body that gets stepped on all day long, could be the most sensitive, the most in tune to slight changes in what they feel.  Whether you’re slamming on the rail into a pre-drift, sticking your toe into the pocket to grip a turn, or hoping and praying your feet don’t move while you bust that 100 ft slide; concave matters.

Something that we’re particularly proud of this past fall and going into the 2014 is our new, innovative, DomebleU concave.  We took the idea of traditional w-concave; the goal being to provide arch support and locational reference on your board, and took a new look at it.  More often than not we found that other w-cave tends to cramp the foot when you stand directly over it, which is no good for mild riding, cruising, or anything for that matter.  While it does give your foot plenty of reference in tuck or freeride stance, if you’re not using it, it feels uncomfortable.

What we did to address this is to maintain roughly the same height as traditional w-cave but over a broader footprint.  Meaning that the shape of the W goes almost to the rail while being incorporated into the rest of the concave.  This gives you all the benefit of W concave, without any of the discomfort in your feet.  Check it!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.33.47 AM

Sexy DombleU in the BGDK

Alright kids, thats all for now!  Let us know if theres a particular board feature you’d like to see featured and I’ll see you next week!



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