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The Hilltop Haunting (Event Recap) VIDEO

written by TeamBustin November 8, 2016

Part costume contest, part BBQ, ALL local community building, this past weekend’s The Hilltop Haunting halloween skate jam hosted by Muir Skate & ourselves was a great time skating down hills in celebration of Halloween, and one that will continue to stoke thane goblins, wheelslide witches, and mobbin’ mummies for howling moons to come.

We made this little event recap video for all you skaters out there in hopes that you might enjoy at least some of the spooky-stoke those of us in attendance did, and hopefully this vid prompts you to join the next community event in your neck of the woods, or to build and event yourself in your city/estate/project/neighborhood/complex/high-rise/whatever. Community is King!

BTW our next event in this series is this weekend and called the Pelican’s Pusher, so check it out as we hope to see you there. This Sunday in Venice Beach. Here’s the event page:



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