Home Events The Hilltop Haunting: Oct 29th, ’16. San Clemente, CA. (EVENT)

The Hilltop Haunting: Oct 29th, ’16. San Clemente, CA. (EVENT)

written by TeamBustin October 5, 2016


The Hilltop Haunting is a downhill skateboarding event & Halloween celebration being held on Saturday October 29th, 2016 from 12 noon till 5 pm in San Clemente, CA. This ghoulish community event welcomes all shred-zombies, all downhill demons, and all wheelsliding witches. Presented by MuirSkate.com & Bustin Boards, The Hilltop Haunting is the second in a series of three local Southern California community skate events that we are hosting collaboratively.

The day’s festivities will include: an all-day (Slopestyle) hill haunting, a costume contest, as well as a flesh roasted feast (Wiener Roast).

BRING US CANDY for + 10 points!!!

The exact location of The Hilltop Haunting is to be announced shortly. (Shhh it’s Talega, but we also have a few really dope back up spots lined up if we get rolled)

Head on over to the event FB page for more details, regular, updates, to let us know you are joining us, and also to share with the Shredwitches and Gnarwarlocks in your life.
We look forward to shredding flesh & haunting the hills with you soon.


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