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The Holland Half Write-up – Bustin Custom Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles October 8, 2013

October 5th, Michigan. Nate Moore of Rayne, Sweet Spot wheels, and Rey trucks brings us this recap of this fantastic annual Push Race and Jam. Take it away Nate!

The Holland Half 2013

The day started out like any other typical Michigan day in the fall. It was cloudy, windy, and a tad bit rainy. The Mitten is known for its temperamental weather patterns, so the race organizers just shrugged and continued on. People started flooding in early to get their bad self’s registered and ready for Michigan’s Premiere Push Race, Holland Half 2013.

Alex Bolen (owner of Sweet Spot Wheels) and Nathan Moore (Sweet Spot Wheels, Rayne, Rey) put out all the stops to provide racers with a safe and organized event. The course covered 13.1 of Michigan’s milky trails alongside Lake Michigan. Intersections were covered by the Townships police force. They were stoked to be apart of such a great event that allowed alternative outlets for kids and even adults to get out and have fun.


The Race started promptly, and soon to follow the start was the first pileup. Mother Michigan had her revenge early at the first slippery corner. Racers started to separate along the 5 mile long straight away into the first turn. The lead pack put the gap on and started drafting. Classic Michigan headwinds don’t mess with Michigander pushers at all (#Baller), they just pack up and make the leader do all the work. It was a photo finish with last years reigning champ Jared Seifert (Bustin Boards) pulling out a close one with Joseph Mazzone and Andrew Brown (Rey Trucks) coming up right behind him.


After the Race free food courtesy of Serv-U-Success a local company and Coffee from Biggby Coffee Holland was available for all. Racers started getting their grub on while race organizers set up some mini games for people to enjoy. Longest Manuel and the La Croix chug were the two that made the list for this year’s event

The Podiums were announced and the prizes handed out. Rayne Longboards came through big time with customized Holland Half boards for the winners of each category.

Untitled mens

1st. Jared Seifert (Bustin Boards): 55:16:85
2nd. Joseph Mazzone: 55:17:17
3rd. Andrew Brown(Rey Trucks): 55:18:00

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 11.07.14 AM

1st. Blair Butterworth(SML boards): 1:12:39
2nd. Lane Heyboer: 1:13:37
3rd. Adelaide Scott: 1:18:20

1st. Aiden Morton: 1:01:00
2nd. Brendon Yaroch: 1:01:33
3rd. Quentin Broad: 1:02:58


The slide jam was the biggest this event has seen yet, with over 60 riders. Kickers and assorted paraphernalia were put about the course where skaters put their nerve and resolve to the test. Never has that hill seen so much carnage in one session. Never the less, biggest Heelside went to Cam Steger at 72 feet on hardwheels. Malek Abouljoud (Dubz bikes and boards) took second at 71 feet on softwheels. Longest Toeside went to Merrit Speirs at 45 feet.

This was another successful year for the boys at Sweet Spot wheels. Raising just over $2000 dollars to support VoxUnited. Sweet Spot wheels made the commitment from the start to donate 10% of all proceeds from purchased merchandize to send to VoxUnited. All the money raised at the Holland Half is donated so that VoxUnited can build water wells in remote areas of Mozambique.


Thanks again for such an awesome year. We look forward to seeing you all at The Holland Half 2014

Nathan Moore
(Sweet Spot Wheels, Rayne Longboards, Rey Trucks)


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