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The King and I

written by Mike November 3, 2008

Bustin Longboards proudly introduces the Jamaican Sensation, King Solomon, a fine specimin of true NYC longboard stoke.  Brooklyn is blessed to have dedicated longboarders like Sol during the green transportation skateboard movement.  Inspiring riders across the globe, the King took a moment to share why he loves what he does.

Name:  King Solomon 

Why do you skate so much?  Why wouldn’t I?  Skating is my refuge from the rest of the world and all its problems.  Whether I am happy, upset, bored, worried…my board is always down for some one on one therapy.  Cruising on my board makes everything ok.

What is your Favorite Bustin?  Bustin Custom prototypes.  Shit, it feels like every time I step on one of these boards I fall in love.  The Cigar was my favorite piece, but watch out for the drop-thru prototype coming soon.  That board is definitely a Dime, definitely a super performance piece.  Low, super-fast and stable.  I’m testing the Crail trucks with the drop deck and loving it!  Hook it up with some Bones Swiss with Boca’s and you’ve got a sweet setup. 

Why do you chill with the Bustin Crew?  The Bustin Crew is family.  This is definitely a business, but its still about the skating experience.  Our riders are some of the best, confident skaters I know and it is all about the fun.  No matter who your crew is or your discipline, just fucking skate!

Drink?  Have before….will again.

Smoke?  Are you passing?

Favorite food?  Putang Pie

What do you love about NYC skating?  The speed of the city around me is motivating.  There are always people and traffic to dodge and it is the greatest place to spread the stoke.  When there’s beef (or pork), its easy to split and get lost somewhere else.  WHAT A RUSH!

What components do you ride?  Randal R-II 180’s or Crail trucks / Bones Swiss Bearings / 66mm Bustin Boca wheels

What do you do for rent money?  Bartend and other gigs I find

Favorite skate spot?  Bushwick, Brooklyn…that’s my hood!  BK ALL DAY!

Who do you ride with?  The Bustin Bushwick Bombers.  Special shout out to the Davenport twins, Ben Elliot, Elise Digby, Jenica Rice (Davenport), the Mike Dallas.

Where will longboarding be in 5 years?  Well, from just the growth & response I’ve seen in the past year I think longboarding is going to be everywhere – even as much as skateboards.  It is a cultural movement.

Where will you be in 5 years?  I will definitely still be longboarding and so goes longboarding so goes King Solomon.  I don’t skate for fame or money, but it would be great to make a living doing what I love; sponsors, promotions, whatever.

What do you do to relax?  WTF Dallas?  If you mean besides skating, I guess the only thing to say would be……hello ladies……. 🙂

 -Mike Dallas




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Johnson Kan (philly kid) April 25, 2011 at 5:33 pm

LOL i cracked up, Solomon is so cool and funny (not that i know a lot about him, but from just talking to him two times, he’s awesome) And yeah bustin rocks!!

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