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The King is Back….

written by TeamBustin September 15, 2010

Solomon here. Hey guys!  I apologize for not blogging much lately. I’ve been in a little funk lately and had to work my way out of it…Mr. StaySkatin was slacking on his skating and my state of mind reflected it. I sometimes get caught up in this amazing life that I’m living and lose a little direction. Thanks to my friends for dealing with “King”…you know I love you all with all my heart. But guess  what……I’m back!!!!!!! Yes, with more focus and vision. “Pinky, Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”. Welcome to Bustin. All riders feel free to tune your boards on these crew stations.

This summer has been a blast regardless of the lows. I have spent the majority of my time at Bustin HQ here in Brooklyn. I have met countless new and old riders and have been overwhelmed by stoke! Even though I’m here at work, I never wake up in the morning dreading that I have to spend my day at the shop. There is always something interesting happening around our shop. I am blessed to be a part of the heartbeat of PushCulture which means I see more than just the “Push”  in this culture. How amazing is it that I can be there from the beginning as a blank piece of wood-to  having a new stoked rider skating away-to having those riders return to the shop all summer to skate and chill with the community. I definitely know PushCulture.

Ambassadors of Stoke. Concrete Kings spreading love at Union Square.

This summer has been full of backyard bbqs, block parties and style sessions in the front, group rides all over this city and even further….and lots of longboards being moved out of this shop. Everyday has been different and I’ve gotten to spend it with people who I wouldn’t hesitate to call family. (U2PB). Last year I had dreams of a longboard crew that was open to all of NYC PushCulture. My buddy Cyp helped pen the name Concrete Kings and since then my crew has been tearing up the streets of NYC and worldwide..the official Ambassadors of Stoke. We went from having maybe 10 riders show up for skates to having 30-60 show up regularly. With scores of other riders showing up as news of the Kings spread.  Without a core group of these Kings this summer would have been much harder on me. These guys have been here almost every day..like it was their job…to help out around the shop. Thank you guys…really. You are my heroes.


Couldn’t see it coming down my eyes, so I had to let the blog cry. Ha. I’ll leave you with pictures from a typical day in  life of King…yeah, that’s me. I STAY SKATIN’!


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Solomon September 15, 2010 at 1:10 am

Camilo. Sorry I missed you in this pic!!!!!

brian September 15, 2010 at 5:01 pm

haha, yes, sir!!

Leopoldo September 15, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Hey Solomon,

Talking about “tearing the streets worldwide”.

Bustin is known everywhere. I was visiting Greenwich UK in July and there was this kid (fourteen years old maybe) coming down from the top of hill where the observatory and meridian zero is, doing some psycho slides. He stop just right by me. He was riding this very stiff 30-something inches longboard whose brand I could not get (It is hard for me to understand brittish accent – it was not loaded, sector 9, santa cruz or any other well known brand), I told him that I just bought a Bustin Maestro and asked him if he knew the brand. He told me it was his next board !
A friend of mine is also cruising everyday in Barcelona Spain with his Maestro and how many people have stories involving Bustin’ boards. Congratulations to all you guys.

Cory Medlar September 16, 2010 at 8:49 am

So glad I have been able to come down a few times this summer and film, its been great sharing in the STOKE with the KINGS this summer! STAY SKATIN!

Eli September 30, 2010 at 8:35 am

ahahahah look at adam. or jesse. lmao.

good shit sol!

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