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The Road to Recovery – Dejaune Jones – Guajataka, PR

written by Bubbles February 2, 2015

Congratulations to Dejaune Jones for his 4th place finish at Guajataca!

photog – Jose E. Mojena

Rewind roughly 6 months, and Dejaune was in a totally different place – in an ambulance with several vertebrae broken as well as a rib, after hitting a guard rail during a race heat at the Madison County Gravity Fest.  Thankfully, there was no paralysis although the doctors were unsure of his potential for recovery.  Back and spinal injuries are nothing to joke about, and even with confidence that Dejaune would be walking again, there was the question of how well.

photog – Marcell Santos

But Dejaune has spent the past 6 months astounding both his team-mates as well as his doctors, making everyone cringe every time he insisted on getting back on a skateboard or his BMX in the early months after his injury.  But perseverance paid off, and after only 6 weeks he was back on his bike in the park, and after 4 months, was back to filming high speed downhill skateboarding!

photog – George Mendoza

For 2015 Dejaune is already going hard and not letting his injury stand in his way.  Within just a few months of his re-introduction to downhill, Dejaune competed in, and placed 4th at the 2015 Guajataca Downhill Festival.  We want to use this opportunity to give Big D a big shout-out for the finals finish, and our best wishes for his continued recovery, and his success in 2015!

Go big D!


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