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The Rooted: Rob Rodrigues

written by Rob Rodrigues June 8, 2016
Adult Size Fun - Pushing through Chinatown in NYC moving from one neighborhood to the next. What skater doesn't love that?

Adult Size Fun – Pushing through Chinatown with Adam Crigler a few years back in NYC. Moving from one neighborhood to the next with ease. What skater doesn’t love that?

From day one I’ve been fascinated by how skateboarding appropriates itself on every level. The streets weren’t paved for us but we use them as if we own them. Skateboarders getting Sideways in empty swimming pools. Slashing curbs and drainage ditches. Using benches that others can only sit down on. Bombing hills. That’s What I’m talking about! Even Primo and Pogo Freestyle Tricks….  Using the actual skateboard itself in ways it wasn’t built for. A Different Kind of Thinking – My Childhood Love.

South Miami 1977 - Creating my own environment with borrowed wood.

South Miami ’77 – Creating my own environment with borrowed wood from a construction site. Fashion styling provided by the times.

I sucked at all organized sports and activities from a very early age. When I got my first plastic skateboard I was like ‘This is mine! I can create my identity with this. I don’t care what others think.’ – You build your own environment with a skateboard. Repurpose elements of society that others see as mundane. – Me

Transworld Magazine, 1991. Photo; Spike Jonez Words; Cameron Martin

Transworld Mag – Check Out, ’91. Photo: Spike Jonez. Words: Cameron Martin.

Skateboarding has changed and progressed over the years. It’s become more organized with events and facilities. Still at the Root of it. Skaters can’t be contained or confined to a skate park, race, competition, or Game of Skate. Skate Leaders love the unintended purpose. Viva Skateboarding!!!

The Rooted is a new series. Whatever level or age you’re at, if you love skateboarding and it plays a role in your life you have a unique story to tell.

How does skating help create something different for you? Bustin Boards wants to know your history. We don’t care what brand or size board you roll on. If you do it then your in.



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