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written by Rachelle Vinberg July 8, 2016

The Skate Kitchen girls (@TheSkateKitchen)

Although skateboarding has become increasingly more popular and accepted amongst people today, there  are still some massive barriers and important questions to be addressed within the community itself . There’s one question in particular that I think deserves some attention: Where are all the girls at? More specifically, where are all the East Coast girls at? How could a sport like skateboarding- one that’s so beautifully creative and mentally exhilarating- consist almost entirely of guys? It’s rare to see a girl at a skatepark, and even more uncommon to see one featured in a skate  ad or video. Without the motivation that comes with seeing other women portrayed in the media, It can be pretty intimidating for girls to go out and start skating. To be skeptically questioned, watched, and assessed upon entering a skatepark, or while cruising down the street, can be enough to make a  girl quit entirely.



Emily (@lilnicegirl) skating in Brooklyn


Skater girl at Chelsea piers Skatepark

Being a girl who skates, and having been lucky enough to meet a bunch of others who do too, it became clear that this fear and intimidation was, and still is,  felt by all of us. After constantly being told to “get back in the kitchen,” by trolls at parks and on social media- where we would presumably make them a sandwich- us girls have finally decided to listen. We are back in the kitchen- The Skate Kitchen that is. Here in New York, the streets are our kitchen, and we enjoy cooking it out in the East Coast. Consisting of both girls and guys, The Skate Kitchen is a New York based crew that skates everything with the intention of promoting a new and necessary environment that accepts all, while simultaneously laughing off the negativity from those who don’t. We focus on spreading the wonderful culture that is created when guys and girls unite as one and skate together- their boards being the powerful connection.


“Don’t Hate Just Skate”


Chelsea Kids








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