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The sweetest job ever – Steve Cave at About.com

written by Ryan December 3, 2008

I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank Steve Cave at about.com for doing a great review of our new Strike board.  As I understand it, Steve is the ‘skateboard expert’ at the gigantious about.com site and I couldn’t help but fantasize about what that job might entail.  I imagine he spends his days scouring skateboard news across the web and testing products that companies send him.  But most of all I’d love to see the quiver he has amounted from years of having this job. Whenever I go down to Eastern Skate Supply, our wholesale distributor, I am always fascinated with owner Reggie Barnes’ office because there are what seems like millions of boards, trucks, helmets and everything else piled around his office.  Most, if not all, sent to him from some ambitious brand, hoping to get picked up by the largest distributor in the country.  I imagine Steve’s office or apartment is the same style, filled with every skateboard item made, all sent to him as samples for review.  What a job right?

All that said, thanks again Steve for the review (and your welcome for the free Strike board you just added to your quiver!).

If your interested, take a look at the actual review here – http://skateboard.about.com/od/longboardreviews/fr/Bustin_Strike.htm


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