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Throw Stones To Make Us Better – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles May 15, 2012
tin Longboards NYC - Bustin Rider David Yang on Ibach 40 Longboard

Bustin Rider David "Steezy" Yang Locking In

What’s up Bustin Fam. We wanted to slow down for a minute and reach out to our community for some feedback.  And not the usual board reviews kind.  We’re working on making the Bustin Boards experience better, so to that effect, we’re working on our website.  Let us know what you think!  Give us any sort of criticism (constructive if you will) regarding the layout, features in places, features you would like to see, or anything you would change about the website. This includes all sections of the site, from the Home Page to the Custom Build-A-Board to the Limited Edition Build-A-Board to the Board Specs to the Store and all of the sublinks at the bottom of the page. If your bored, poke around and get some brain exercise thinking of ways we can tighten down the ship.

To give us your feedback, leave a comment on this blog post or shoot an email to Jon at “skate@bustinboards.com”.  Please be specific and link to referenced pages if necessary.

Thanks to everyone and happy spring sessions.  One Love from Bustin Brooklyn.


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Steve May 16, 2012 at 5:55 pm

Hey just wanna weigh in on the website , as someone who owns your boards and someone who always sends friends and people interested in riding to your site. I love the aesthetics of the build custom the process is easy and fun.
Plus I love the price ranges listed it really is the little things that make or break the page in my mind. The boards the customer service and the site all rock. No complaints , just keep on kickin ass that’s all!

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