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Toti x Gnarlicante x Bustin Boards

written by Bubbles February 9, 2016

Spanish team rider Toti Motocicleta and the Gnarlicante crew are teaming up to skate more hills and film more skate in 2016, and they are starting off with a bang!  Fresh out of the oven – check out this incredibly hectic raw run down a run on the Western coast of Spain.  Thanks to Toti for skating so well, to Melvin Herrmann for filming and editing so well, and to the rest of the Gnarlicante crew for being the rad individuals they are and for supporting the scene over-seas in Europe!

“Play the damn video!”

Deck – EQ
Trucks – Bear Kodiaks
Wheels – Five-0 70mm Snipers
Bearings – Hondar Bearings
Griptape – Hondar Grip
Helmet – Predator DH6

Skater – Toti Motocicleta
Film / Edit – Melvin Herrmann
Audio – Father Funk // Kinda Groovy


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Ride As Fu*k February 27, 2016 at 5:39 pm

Short but incredible video!!! Toti got a skills

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