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Transient Treks: High Tech Blin and the Shrike

written by Josh Dunn May 2, 2017

The beauty of skateboarding is the sheer dynamic atmosphere that allows for individual creativity and expression to ooze from the pores of whoever is manning the helm. There is no rule book outlining the right or wrong way to ride which has fostered a creative driven evolution over the history or our art. The task of this progression has been passed from old heads down to groms for years and this right of passage is still just as relevant today. Here at Bustin we recognize our place in skateboarding and desire nothing else but to continue pushing towards this ultimate goal of progression through both our board design and the actual riding style(s) being done atop our sleds. We are honored to support a team of revolutionaries who don’t accept the status quo as the tell all end all but rather look for new opportunities for themselves to take skating in new and exciting directions.

One of our newer members of the #BustinFam has quickly solidified him self as one of these individuals who fits our bill of Skate Everything to a Tee. Blin specializes in freestyle skating and is one of the front runners in the recent resurgence of this discipline.  Drawing from historical foundations, Blin combines an old school approach with new school tech making for one of the most exciting skating styles out there today to watch. The man behind the motion pictures at Bustin, Matt K., recently caught up with Blin over in Spain and put in some serious work to compile visual evidence of his unique shredding style. Take a minute to soak it all in and try to wrap your head around some of the most technical combinations ever thrown down on a board that you probably thought was made strictly for downhill. The lesson here is never accept the standard during your pursuit to Skate Everything. 


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