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TRANSIENT TREKS: Welcome Back Bruno

written by Matt K March 26, 2017

Part of our crew at Bustin Boards HQ went deep into the cuts of the Dominican Republic to retrieve our beloved Bruno. Once safely returned to his native land of Spain, the kid couldn’t help but return to his roots.


We went over to Madrid to meet the artist formally known as “Bruno the kid” only to find a young man capable of marvelous street trickery. With a Limited Edition Craft Series 8.875 in hand, Bruno laid down some runs that would drop any jaw to the ground.


Shadows at play.


Thiry-three inches long with a 15.5″ wheelbase, the 8.875 Craft Series is all Bruno wants and everything he could ask for.


This is only a teaser of what is yet to come, Bruno is back and he is here to stay.



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