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True Life: Getting Doored

written by Mike August 1, 2009

I was longboarding against traffic today and realized how often I avoid eye contact with drivers. My instincts train my eyes on a vehicle’s front wheel, observing all movement. As Michael Jordan fakes his opponent, a car will fake out/kill you.  Brainless drivers occupy our streets. Among the vehicles; truck drivers, cabbies, brokers and lawyers have an itinerary, offering little attention to the casual longboarder skating on the shoulder of the road. If only that were the situation. Our everyday longboarding pleasure is balls to the walls traffic mayhem and traffic fake-out lust. We elegantly long-float through traffic systems synergistically cooperating with the pavement. I pace with average traffic flow under 25mph because it feels safe.  My fear in traffic is the random opening door, often a cab. When you approach an intersection with a group of cars, beware of the opened door. I always watch for movement through a car’s rear window. I remove an ear piece if I am listening to my jams. A door makes a very distinct noise before it eats you. Brace yourself. When you commit to tunneling a long line of cabs at a busy intersection, drop a shoulder and be ready for impatient passengers that will ruin your day. A car door hurts, and so does grandma when you accidently collide! My amigo was ‘doored’ in Manhattan and cracked three ribs slamming against the door’s edge! I instinctly longboard against traffic in slow systems. I feel so much safer when the door instead slams closed. Rat Rod Longboarding is about fastest point A to point B. With traffic trumps all, but like I said…BEWARE!


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cyp August 1, 2009 at 1:06 am

I always wondered why you went against traffic and it makes sense now. This is the shit that makes nyc riding different from anywhere in the world!! NYC BROOKLYN BUSTIN OVERBORED RAT ROD!!!! we go hard!!

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