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UNC Longboarding Club Scavenger Hunt 2011

written by Mike March 2, 2011

Hey Bustin Boards!

It’s Wayne from the UNC Longboarding Club and I just wanted to fill you in with the details from our event on Saturday the 26th, the First Annual UNC Longboarding Club PHOTO-SCAVENGER HUNT!

Let me start off by saying that everyone had a great time!!! Our attendance was a little more than we expected, which was great, and we ended having over 40 people on boards flying through campus, and half a dozen people learning how to board and about the club while the other were hunting. Our mad dash consisted of teams of two people attempting to complete 40 different challenges involving their camera and their boards. The winners of the event, Kevin Alzamora and Nat Schramel, completed 38 of the 40 challenges in the hour time limit! Some of our favorite challenges and pictures were: help an elderly person cross the street, snag a picture of an animal with your board, and do something gnarly and creative. We got a ton of GREAT pictures just through people participating in the scavenger hunt!

Here is a link to some photos from our new twitpic account: http://twitpic.com/photos/unclongboarding

Here are the results from each category:

· Overall Winners (completed the most challenges):

o Nat Schramel and Kevin Alzamora (Orangatang Wheels)

· Best Picture:

o Spencer Brisson and Nathan Jeffay (DBS Bearings, Concrete Wave Magazine, Posters, and Stickers)

· First Back:

o Alex Joiner and Nick Peterson (T-Shirts and DVDs)

· Second Back:

o AJ Karon and Steven Vazquez (T-Shirts and DVDs)

· Third Back:

o Tyler Beggs and Skyler Powers (T-Shirts and DVDs)

· Best Dressed:

o Phil Hamilton (Danos 70mm Wheels)

· Best Dressed Runner-Up:

o AJ Karon (Danos 70mm Wheels)

· Most Safety Gear:

o Maxwell Schwizer (Original S8 Trucks)

· Door Prize:

o Stjepan Penavic (T-shirt)

· Door Prize:

o Alyssa Pham (T-shirt)

· Raffle Winner

o Kevin Alzamora (Loaded Tan-Tien Deck)

and NO ONE Left empty handed, everyone at least got some stickers!

Thank you so much for all your support and your sponsorship! You really made our event a-million-fold better than it would have been otherwise. Everyone on campus can’t stop talking about how awesome Bustin is for sponsoring our organization!  Thanks Again!

Wayne Capps

The UNC Longboarding Club

Co-founder and President


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