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Use The Winter Blues

written by Mike December 1, 2008

Cold weather is here!  We suggest a lower durometer wheel going into the winter season.  Urethane hardens as temperatures drop and carving becomes more slippery and technical.  I use 80a + durometer wheels on warm pavement, and 75a-78a on cold pavement for greater carving predictability.

Consider the similarities to wax on skis.  Some wax is formulated for below zero conditions and some wax is intended for warm days.  The right equipment will enhance your ride.  Swapping gear between seasons will also extend the life of your seasonal equipment, offering extended product life.

Winter is a great time to add versatility to your style.  Use the cold days to improve on your switch pushing.  Push up a hill to work on your balance.  Longboarding puts repeated stress on muscles and joints, so switch it up!  Summer is the time to show off all those sweet tricks you learned during the cold season.  Browse the Bustin You Tube & Vimeo archives for new ideas.

Focus on balance during the winter and notice the difference come Spring.  Longboarding gets much more fun with practice, use winter to your advantage.  Disciplines evolve between seasons so be a trendsetter.  We always appreciate new style.

For the hardcore cross-trainers, drop us a line at skate@bustinboards.com  The Bustin Crew will be spending many fun filled days at Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ shredding the slopes.  We look forward to organizing some ‘go skiing days’ in the near future.  Opening day is December 6!

 -Mike Dallas


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