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Want to be Discovered?

written by Mike September 26, 2008

photo: Annah Rowe/Mike Dallas


Longboarding is mainstreaming more everyday.  The talent pool is growing and disciplines are becoming legendary.  Getting involved in progressive sports toward the begining pays off in the end.  Be a part of the growing okoto and get invloved.  Bustin recognizes talent of all nature and we encourage you to share your talents, check out our links section.  You never know where you may find yourself in 5 years.

Photo: MIke Dallas/Thaddaeus Beals

The Broadway Bomb 2008 is two weeks away and now is an opportunity to be a part of history.  Help the Bustin crew document an objective perspective of the 8.2 miles race and bring a camera!  We will be collecting footage to share on our site, be a part of the action.  E-mail photography and video files to skate@bustinboards.comThanks!  -the bustin crew


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