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Warriors!!! Are you ready?

written by TeamBustin March 12, 2011

With the warriors marathon race encroaching days away, it is time to ask yourself…are you prepared? However prepared you are or not, here are some tips, pointers and reminders to assist you and your crew this coming eventful Saturday.

– Helmets: no matter what skill level, or how long you have been skating, when it comes to skating in New York City traffic, combating bikers, peds, feds, cabbies, potholes, homeless people with their carts, things can happen. Ranging from an elaborate crash, to a tripping over a pebble, head injuries are sudden, unexpected, and can be drastically reduced by wearing a helmet.

Bails and Slams from Kids Of The Future Skate on Vimeo.

– Gloves: slide gloves for the win!! Slide gloves are gloves that have pucks attached to the plam/finger areas to protect those areas from abrasions on your hands while falling, preforming a slide, anything that causes ur hand to contact the ground. even if you are not into sliding (yet), slide gloves protect extend the lifetime of your palms and fingers which equals to more time skating. Protect your hands! its the only two your gonna get! Purchase some, or make your own!

– Knee and elbow pads: Over my years of existing, I have come to realize that the big joints contact blessed asphalt alot… alot, alot. Without proper protective padding, your knees and elbows can take a beating, externally, and internally too. All in all, it is the individual skaters opinion in deciding to wear them or not. But know this, it cant hurt to wear them.

-Board: You’ve skated it, you know it, your dependent on it. Check your set up, check your parts. If something goes wrong during the marathon, you will waste precious time trying to resurrect your board.

-Bookbag: If you must, carry one. Try to keep it light so it doesnt weigh you down much. Some basic bookbag essentials …water!!, a tool, extra hardware, extra shirt (stinky, stinky lol), and whatever else you think you will need (keep it lightweight).


-Shoes: When participating in a marathon skate such as the Warriors, you have to be prepared and dedicated to be on your feet for how ever many miles you will skate, so make sure they are happy and content. Low tops to high tops, fat tounges to vans classics a man or womans footwear can make all the difference in a skate session. Wear footwear that you have been skating in, that is broken in and that you trust to bring you to the finish line.

-Clothes: Anything too tight fitting I cant imagine being anything less than restricting and uncomfortable. Think breathable! Think non-chafing!!


-Going the Distance: A finish line is the end point of a race, but it does not have to be everyones end point. Skate within your means, do what you can, have fun doing it then join the party at Coney Island!!

-Know Your Route: Talk to your team about your route to Coney. Be prepared to get split up, so think about ways to keep in contact or know the route. walkie Talkies, cellphones, outlined googlemaps printout, whatever!

-There’s No I In Team: Although there are many different teams competing the Warriors race, we skaters are all on the same team and we must look out for EVERYONE. Hand signals, clapping, screaming, yelling, shouting are tactics used to communicate. Dont be shy, you are already drawing enough attention to yourself by skating in traffic with dozens of your sisters and brothers lol

live free, skate hard.

cami =)


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