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Warriors Race – Friday, 7/23 @ 7pm – Final Details & CHECKPOINTS!!!

written by Mike July 21, 2010



The Warriors are a tough outfit but wise enough to know there are some FAST crews in NYC.  This turf is tough and the streets are hard.  NYC is a mad house at night. Crumbled pavement, crackheads, DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!!!! WEAR A HELMET! .  Watchout for your team and skate safe.  Will YOU COME OUT TO PLAY?  resister your team now.  FRIDAY JULY 23 2010, 7P.


***Transportation – Everyone will ride the 1 TRAIN TO VAN CORTLAND PARK, BRONX, plan ahead and don’t be late.  The train will take an hour and a half from Bustin, plan accordingly.  ***Wear your team’s outfit and take pix for the Warriors video.  Submit photos of your team before/during race for the Warriors production team @:  mikedallas@bustinboards.com  *BEST DRESSED TEAM WINs A PRIZE!

MEET 6-6:30p @ Van Cortland Park, BX – START 7PM – Meet Below subway platform in BX @ the 1 train  across from Van Cortland Park for race registration.   Walk out of train and you will see longboards.  DON’T BE LATE!  Each team will be provided a knapsack bag containing a map of the 3 boroughs, a race manifest card with checkpoint details and a mystery object that must be presented at the finish line.  EACH TEAM WILL RECEIVE A RACE BAG AT THE START AND YOUR TEAM MUST FINISH WITH THE RACE BAG.  The manifest card inside the bag will have a race summary, checkpoint details, finish line details and a small stack of team stickers to be used throughout the race.


1. ANY BODEGA IN THE BRONX, TEAM MUST PURCHASE 3 BOTTLES OR CANS.  The 3 bottles/cans (full or empty) must be presented at the finish line WITH 1 RECEIPT FROM THE BRONX. Use race bag for storage.

2. ANY BODEGA IN MANHATTAN, TEAM MUST PURCHASE 3 BOTTLES OR CANS. Same as above, empty or full.  3 cans and 1 RECEIPT FROM MANHATTAN at finishline. Use race bag for storage.

3. UNION SQUARE – Manifest card inside race bag will have details about location of “The Lizzies” at Union Square.  Just like the movie, everybody is racing to Union Sq. to get the girl.  First team to Union Square will locate “The Lizzies” using instructions on manifest card.  The Lizzies will trade a team sticker with the 1st team, then the ladies will begin the race.  Every team must leave a sticker at the manifest card meeting location and snap a photo on your phone/camera for reference after the race, and for production DON’T FORGET!

4. TOP OF THE BRIDGE – The Warriors Race is a choose your own adventure course.  Teams must cross the Williamsburg, Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge to enter Brooklyn.  Leave a sticker on the bridge and take a photo on your phone or camera if you have one.  Pictures will be used by our production team.

5. ANY BODEGA IN BROOKLYN, TEAM MUST PURCHASE 3 BOTTLES OR CANS AND COLLECT 1 RECEIPT FROM THE BROOKLYN BODEGA.  Use race bag for storage of all 9 bottles/cans collected during the race.

5.  FINISH LINE – Surf Ave/W. 10th St – This street corner is the entrance to “The Cyclone” wooden rollercoaster, a NYC Landmark.  This corner is across the street from the above ground D train. Teams must finish race together, all 3 skaters/biker must present a sticker and the team’s race bag containing 9 full/empty cans/bottles and 3 receipts from 3 boroughs at the finish to be considered for the awards ceremony.

START 7:00p (BRING $20 ENTRY FEE and DRESS THE PART AT THE START)  We will have media coverage, don’t miss out!!!



RSVP your team NOW!  The big race is FRIDAY, don’t miss out! 20 teams so far!!!
e-mail:  mikedallas@bustinboards.com   with your team roster (3 names)

1. The Turnball AC’s – Manny Jimenez, Michael Moody, Rob Rodrigues

2. The Riffs – Solomon Lang, Cory Wilder, Adam Crigler

3. The Warriors – Theseus XW, Evan Armbrister, Mike Dallas

4. The Rogues – Gray Madder, Nelson Oliver, Kiefer Dixon

5. The Hurricanes – Paulie Connor, Nate Cohen, Steven Sanchez

6. The Orphans – William Coale, Jeff Vyain, Hannah Berner (BIKE)

7. The Lizzies – MEET @UNION SQUARE, 7PM- Annah Rowe, Jenica Davenport, Micku Murgolo, Maribeth McHugh, Natalie Major, Anja Monn, Sarah Paulshock  (+ open lady invite)

8. The Baseball Furies – Ed Martin, Raphael Ross, Dejaune Jones

9. The Easy Aces – Andrei, Will, Rich

10. The Saracens – Darien Dawes, Matt Micchelli, Jude Buenaseda

11. The Colt 45’s – Rommel Dinchong, Raymond Robinson, Ben Dashevsky

12. Brooklyn Killers – Ben Edz, Alex Price, Travis Bass

13. The Moon Runners – Jim Soladay, Kaspar Henrici,

14. The Van Cortland Rangers – The Gian D’Angelo Boys

15.  The Electric Eliminators – Angel Martinez, Antonio Martinez, Steve Ortiz

16. The Locos – Soy One, Trevante Lanier, Jose velez

17.  The Speedwagons – Noel Kormann, Luke Ayata, Will Holinger

18.  The Supervillans – Travis Davenport, Brian Davenport, Herman Hanekamp

19. JC Phillips – ANYONE NEED A TEAM?

20. KryptoChronic Riders – Joao Morales, Danny Pichardo, Allen Martinez


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