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Weekend of Slides – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles August 18, 2011

So we got some exciting stuff going down this weekend in the Northeast.  Bustin Boards is proud to be part of two slide jams coming up on this Sunday, August 21.  If you’re near the capital make sure to check out the DC Slide Jam going down there.  With sponsors including Randal, Loaded, and of course Bustin Boards, this is looking up to being one of the gnarliest events going down this summer.  They’ve got all sorts of contests to enter and prizes to win and the best part is… no pre-registry!  Just show up and throw down your best moves and win some swag.

If you’re a little too far away from the coast to hit up DC, we got more for ya!  Avery Wilcox and Nathan Murray have put together the Rybioko Slide Jam, a session for all y’all Ohioers (Ohians?) out in Columbus.  Join us and the guys at Original Skateboards in supporting the stoke as they shred Griggs Reservoir park, which is off of Route 33 between Fishinger rd and McCoy rd.  Avery has been so kind as to provide his e-mail address on the FB page if you need help finding it.


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