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Weekend of Slides: RECAP – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles August 24, 2011

The stoke level was high this past weekend in DC and out in Ohio.  The DC and Rybioko Slides jams both went down with tons of shredding and quite a bit of thane got left behind.  In DC well over 100 skaters showed up to throw down their stuff and prizes were a plenty.  Great job to organizers Kevin Siqueira and Christian Jay Cherres.  Kevin was an awesome dude to collaborate with and these guys did a great job of throwing a huge event.

Hard wheels:

1. John Kreutter

2. Andriy Dash

3. Brandon Harrison

Soft wheels:

1. Ben Vaughan

2. Dan Fontz

3. Sam Abramson


1. Jessica Corchia

2. Chelsea Egan

There were even prizes awarded for bails and super slides!

Best Bail: Mike Mayhugh

Longest slide: Nick Glaudemans

Check out the awards ceremony for a really novel idea on how they distributed prizes.  DC Slide Jam Results

and have some MORE footage from the final cut!  (Thanks Christian for the updates!)

Only a couple hundred miles west, the guys and gals out in Columbus competed in the Rybioko Slide Jam.  Even with less skaters vying to win, an incredible display of sideways skill was exhibited.  The crew gathered by Avery Wilcox (organizer) were fun, talented, and determined to win.  Check out the fantastic video footage taken at Rybioko!

On a side note, a Full-Bag Elise was taken from the event by someone who did not BRING it to the event.  If anyone knows anything or saw anything let us know via e-mail (skate at bustinboards dot com) or hit up Keenan Shaw on Facebook.

1. Michael V

2. Will Stephan

3. Daniel Hopwood

Congratulations to all the winners, skaters and organizers who got involved and turned this past weekend into one of the gnarliest on the east coast this summer!


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Christian J Cherres August 25, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Helloo, thanks for the shout out man.
Quick correction.
2nd place for Womens was won by Chelsea Egan.
Best bail is Mike Mayhugh
And Longuest Slide by Nick Glaudemans.

You can find the official cut on youtube:

Bustin Longboards NYC August 25, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Thanks Christian, should be all set now!

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