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Welcome to the Turkey Club-Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin February 16, 2012

Solomon here. For those of you that haven’t heard of Jonas..well you’ll be hearing tons of buzz on him soon enough. This young Brazilian sensation is making moves on the scene, already holding his own against some of the top names in the scene. We had the pleasure of finally linking him up with the rest of the Bustin Crew where we were able to give him the secret team initiation…What happens in P.R…I am super stoked to have this young talent on my team!  He meshed with the crew quickly and his swagger screamed Bustin from the starting line! As amazing as his skill is it is I was more impressed by how humble he was. All he wants to do is skate and keep an eye out for the ladies. Of course he and I were easily automatically on the same page. Jonas did well at both King of Claremont and at Guajataka. Beating out all pros at both events for the longest slide, taking Juniors DH at Claremont as well as being in the final Pro heat! He was well on his way in doing the same in Puerto Rico but this is speedboarding..where @#$% happens. After Puerto Rico, while I decided to stay in the warmth of the south, he made his way back to cold NYC with the rest of the Bustin crew. Ladies and Gentleman I present you..The Brazilian Sensation. Jonas Ritcher.


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