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West Coast Skaters Push 2,894 miles to Bustin Brooklyn

written by Mike August 1, 2010

The Skater Across USA crew landed at the Bustin Headquarters today.  22 days, 130 miles per day the team skated from Newport, Oregon to  New York City supporting  San Diego Youth Services – SDYC.  The crew is super amped about their arrival to NYC and would like to skate from the Bronx to Coney Island tomorrow, 7/2/2010 @ 9pm.  The skate is called “Warriors Ride”, organized to celebrate the recent skate across America victory from 2,894 mile push to NYC.  JOIN US AT BUSTIN BOARDS, 340 GRAND ST, BROOKLYN, NY TUESDAY 7/2 @ 7:30PM.  The group  will take the L train @ Lorimer, 7:45pm.  We will assemble at Van Cortland Park @ 9pm.  Join the 26 mile longboard skate parade through New York City!  It’s Bustin!

Meet the Riders:

Name: Ari Mannis, Jonathan Andrews, Dahnny Levinne (3 that stopped in)

Profile: Jonathan Andrews

Age: 20 (21 on august12)

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Skate accomplishment: Skated across the USA

Where did you start: Newport, Oregon

Finish: New York City, New York

How mush did you save personally or via fundraiser: $4,000

Did you spend all your cash: Personal money, yes

Your greatest memory: Skated into a small town of 800 where someone saw us skate into town and actually took us in. They fed us, washed our cloths, and gave us a place to stay.

Where was it:  Dubois, Wyoming

How did you train for the adventure:  Got myself into better shape than i was by running, working out and trying to build stamina by skating.

How did you become a member of the team:I was roommates in college with Ari Mannis. Who put this event on.

Explain your support vehicle and driving shifts: We had a Serburban as our support vehicle. Our support vehicle either stayed behind the skater if the roads were to dangerous or the support vehicle would drop one person off and go ahead the set number of miles. The next skater would then start his turn while the rest waited for the 1st skater.

How did America react to your adventure: A lot of support. Everything from grocery stores to restaurants and even housing from people. I didn’t encounter one person that was against our adventure. People were very supportive and excited to see us actually out there skating.

How was the wind: Wind was not a factor most days but there was few days where the wind would actually push you backwards if you stood on the board. I was usually laughing when i had to try my hardest to push down hill.

Tell 1 memory of your crew that was epic and awesome: While skating some guy actually brought us Gatorade and ice. He said he saw us and thought we might be thirsty. Also seeing some the hills 2 of the boys bombed were nuts.

Tell 1 memory of your team not working out so well: 5 boys together all the time tired, hungry, an cramped led to the snappy and grumpy people sometimes. But it was nothing to big.

Did 1 member maintain leadership: Yes , defenitly Ari.

What would your do different: Defenitly get more press and more media attention would have been nice. It would be nice to have towns know ahead of time that we were skating through.

How can others coordinate a similar adventure:It really is not hard at all. I think the only thing you need to coordinate something like this would be gathering a group of people who would want to do this event and actually come through and do it. No flakes.

Name: Ari Mannis

Age: 20

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Skate accomplishment: This one time in 2010 I skateboarded across the united states, it was rad.

Where did you start: Newport, OR

Finish: New York

How much did you save personally or via fundraiser: I saved up $4,000 and raised an unknown amount so far for charity.

Did you spend all your cash? We made it to New York and I have $1500 left but we shall see how much I have when we are back in San Diego.

Your greatest memory: Feeding a squirrel, giving a child my extra parts to trick out his board his walmart board.

Where was it: Iowa

How did you train for the adventure:P I trained anywhere and everywhere I could, I skated San Diego, LA, SF, and everywhere else I could.

How did you become a member of the team: I organized, planned and picked the members of the team.

Explain your support vehicle and driving shifts:

Originally I planned on one of my friends coming on the trip who owned a motorhome, he bailed about 10 days before the trip so I begged and pleaded for my parents to allow me to take the 2000 Saburban they had, my mom didn’t want the liability so she signed the car in my name. Out of the five of us we took turns driving, well four of us did, Brian doesn’t have a license so he didn’t drive.

How did America react to your adventure:

For the most part they loved us, we got many friendly honks and waves, and tons of free pizza. We got a few angry drivers who told us to get of the road and some jealous kids who yelled at us.

How were the hills:

Hills were insane going both up and down, I can now say iv skated a hill in many more states than I had before, some were to crazy for me so I footbraked down but I got plenty of awesome skating/footage. Skating up hill was tough we typically switched off skaters every half mile.

Talk about the wind: For the most part wind was chill, we loved it when the wind pushed us, but through Nebraska we got 20-30 mile winds against us, pushing downhill was no fun, the wind would literally push us up the hill and by the end my ears were in pain along with the rest of my body.

Tell 1 memory of your crew that was epic and awesome: Getting our first free meal on day 1 in Oregon was sick, it made us feel like we were getting real support from our country and made us want to skate that much harder.

Tell 1 memory of your team not working out so well: Five guys in a cramped car for three weeks gets intense we were all at each other necks constantly arguing about food, the route, baseball, and skating but there was nothing to bad and we definitely bonded like crazy.

Did 1 member maintain leadership: Although I planned the majority of the trip out, Id say we all took leadership at certain points mark cooked, brian filmed, in the end I made the calls, whatever no biggie : /

What would you do different: I would bring an RV, a dedicated driver/cameraman. I would plan the route even more, and save more money.

How can others coordinate a similar adventure:

Follow your dreams, plan it out and then plan it out again, talk to people who have done it, us, Jack Smith, Adam Colton, you can never be to prepared, don’t give up or listen to the naysayers, always keep it fun!


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Andrei Hippix August 2, 2010 at 2:36 pm

It would be awesome to join you guys and to the track of the Warrior’s race again but unfortunately cannot ;(

brian August 3, 2010 at 10:18 am

Great work guys!!! what an awesome trip and thanks for the coverage mike!!

Brian K August 5, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Thanks for showing us NYC best tour of a city I have ever had. Thanks for all the support and everything.We will definitely be spreading the New York push culture to our LA riders. See you guys at Bustin next year maybe by then we can keep up with you guys.

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