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What are the best Mini Longboards – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles July 23, 2012

Mini’s, campus cruisers, thrashers.  They go by many names, but whatever you call them, mini longboards are seeing their fair share of attention.  The attraction of a shorter longboard comes about, most often, due to a need for quick, tight commuting, and ease of transportation.  Having a board that can weave around pedestrian traffic in cities or on campus’ is a plus, and adding compact size for easy stashing has given rise to a higher demand for mini longboards.

The Spliff is the miniest of our “minis” and really displays the shining qualities of a shorter longboad.  With a tight wheelbase and wedged nose, the Spliff can dodge traffic like frogger.  The increased turn in the fron makes is a great mini cruiser as you can really use this turning characteristic to generate momentum.  However the Spliff does lack a kick tail which is where we turn to the Mini Maestro.  It would be impossible to have a segment on the best mini longboard without including this bad boy.  An even smaller wheelbase than the Spliff allows it to keep the agility with the added benefit of twin kick tails.  Not only can you grab a board and head out the door, but feel free to practice your flip tricks on your morning commute!  As a drop-though the Mini is low to the ground for super easy pushing as well!

The Sojourn and the Yoface finish what the Maestro Mini started and provide fully functional tails.  Not only that, but with integrated wheel wells on the Yoface, it feels as locked in as a larger freeride board should!  These boards really are the cat’s meow when it comes to small freestyle decks with a personality!

So if you’re on the market for a board with a tight turn, or you need something to get around campus or work, consider one of the mini longboards in our line-up.  With a plethora of different features its not tough to find one that will get you doing big things, on a small board!

Cheers and enjoy the ride!


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Jay C. October 2, 2012 at 12:57 pm

I bought the bustin maestro mini and I LOVE IT !
best board i have ridden !!! just want to say thank you for this amazing creation !

Jay +_+ !!

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