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What are the chances…

written by TeamBustin December 17, 2008

of ordering the exact same Strike? I have often wondered what the numbers were like but never calculated, but today changed all that. As I began printing this morning, I noticed that two boards, only 5 orders apart, had the exact same bottom. I have been printing our boards for more than a year now and never seen this. I asked Ryan and Nick, both of which had never seen this either. The chances of choosing the same bottom on a Strike are 1 in 158,720 and they were on the same print sheet! I just thought it was crazy so I had to write about it.

Oh and to answer the question I first posed; the chance of ordering the exact same Strike as any one else is an astounding 1 in 9,840,640! One of a kind? pretty damn close!


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Leonard R. December 22, 2008 at 1:59 pm

its funny because i thought that was impossible 4 two boards to be exactly the same but i can spott my board that i ordered the third 1 to last on the right which isz the fastest board i ever rode im alo i wanna thank Matt so much

Merry Christmas HO! HO! HO!

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