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What’s ur set-up brah? – Bubbles Bustin Blog

written by Bubbles February 27, 2014

Hey kids, how’s everyone doing today?  This afternoon we’re going to grab a crew member at random and ask them about their set up; what are they riding, why, what do they like about it, etc.  We’re going to try and get into the rider’s head to find out just what EXACTLY they like about what they’re riding.  As far as getting into someone’s head, no-one better than yours truly!  (fair warning it get’s weird in here)  So without further adieu…

Bubbles, what are you riding?

Thanks for asking Bubbles!  I’ve got a custom painted *cough cough* I did it *cough cough* Will Royce Pro Model deck with Cast Ronin trucks set at the 24.5″ Wheelbase and I’m rocking a set of 66mm Sniper wheels.  I’ve been riding this set-up for a couple months now and am really really quite happy with it!


Glad to hear it (and nice paint job by the way!) Now what would you say is the primary ride style that you set this up for?

My main idea when I originally set this up was to have something that I could tuck on (maybe not on SUPER fast runs) and still bust out a stand-up slide when I wanted to.  I picked the Royce board out of our line-up because it’s stiff, the concave is nice and tubby (I like baths), and because for me, a kicktail isn’t optional.  Despite being heavy for a kicktail board, the Royce has some serious snap that makes ollie-ing this DH oriented board a real possibility.  Plus just look at it, I love the shape of this deck, and it’s ribbed for your pleasure, hehehehehe…


Cronin’s aye?  What was the rational?

Ummm, they’re the best cast truck on the market?  Hahaha well, all joking (and personal preference) aside, they just do what I want.  I’ve historically always ridden on TKP trucks (either 215’s or SZ’s) and was never fully comfortable with the release time on most RKP trucks.  I’ve found that Ronin trucks, to me at least, tend to have that faster, earlier release than most RKP trucks, more similar to a TKP.  In addition, the hook-up on the Ronin’s is incredible.  Then on top of all of that, with 95a bushings (I’m a big guy), these support pin trucks get super stable at speed, so a perfect high speed hybrid!

66snipersNice nice, makes a lot of sense!  Last but not least, and I think I know the answer somehow, what’s with the wheels?

Well, I wanted to run this board as low as I possibly could, no riser at all.  However, I also have historic shoulder issues, so I always wanted to never ever ever get wheelbite, so I just grabbed the smallest Sniper wheels that we have and threw them on.  The thane in the Five-0 line is insanely smooth so that was a no brainer.  I opted for the Snipers over the small center-set Five-0’s to try and prolong the life a little bit, and to get grip when I need it going fast.  All in all these wheels, on those trucks, with that board, just seem to do what my feet tell them to!

Well thanks Bubbles, glad we could pick your brain and your set-up and find out a little more about your preferred set-up!

Well that was fun!  Thanks for sticking around kids, and if you come back next week, I’ll interview someone who isn’t actually me just for kicks!



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